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Congrats on the Rival. It is a nice mouse. My main problem with it is the weight.

I am also someone who likes glossy mice. For some reason they just stick to my hand and are always comfortable (I tend to have dry hands). For me, this is the coating that I just use and forget about because it never gets uncomfortable.

For me, the best ergonomic glossy mouse is the Zowie EC1 Evo white. I love that mouse. I am not talking about just the sensor (even though it performs decently) but when it comes to coating, weight and shape it is the most comfortable mouse I know.

Another option I really liked was the Transformers version of the 3.5g Deathadder. The glossy coating is not quite as nice as the Zowie, and the additional weight and high lift off distance makes it not as pleasant to use (in my opinion), but nevertheless it is a good option for those who love glossy mice.

There are other glossy mice I liked, like the Kana vs (ambidextrous), the rival, The microsoft WMO with aftermarket coating.... but I keep coming back to the Ec1 Evo white. Too bad it is no longer in production. It is going to be a sad day when my current one breaks.

Doubt the shell will break, just put the white top shell on the EC1-A base biggrin.gif