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still though, a 115A furnace is pretty powerful.

i've heard from some friends that a 60A boiler is being used on their 4story apartment and it was plenty enough.
from what i heard, the boiler is used for both hot water and room heating via heat exchanger, and only ever fully active during winter.
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With great power comes great hydro bills...
Who needs heating anyways?
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Winter is coming...
Which means no outdoor projects (okay, maybe just 1... Skating rink?) and I can focus on the inside of the house.

That being said, I'm starting my internship at the hospital (as a net/sys admin) in a few weeks and that's 40hrs/week + still working at Microbytes on the weekends... Hopefully I'll still find time smile.gif

I've been busy this week but managed to get some work done. In my neighborhood, the municipal government is very picky about what we throw away in the garbage (they're attaching cameras to garbage trucks to monitor what we throw out) and they only allow specific construction waste once a month during the summer. And even then, they restrict what you can throw out.

Because of this, I'm reusing as many materials as I can (to a degree). For example, I need to tear down all the drywall in the basement so I can throw in studs & insulation. The drywall is in pretty good condition so I'll be reusing it.

I removed a few sheets from the bedroom/home theater and installed them in the workshop. Behind the drywall is the server room so it's helping reduce the noise. These walls have 1 coat of plaster (not sanded yet). I'm not going to put too much time into it because they will be covered by cabinets. I'll do a few more coats + sanding of course but don't expect perfection on this wink.gif

And speaking of cabinets.... I came up with another one of my crazy ideas tongue.gif
I'll try to put it down on paper at some point but perhaps I can describe it in writing smile.gif

The idea is I would have rolling cabinets (all a standard size) that would fit under the counters (imagine a dishwasher).
CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90

They would have some type of roller/guide so that they can fit under the counters AND to each other...

So basically, I would pull out a cabinet with a table saw built-in and find 2 others (with a flat surface) and I would use them to extend the workspace.

This idea sound great in my mind, hopefully I'm describing it in an understandable way... lol

I'll try drawing something up, it should make much more sense...

More updates to come! smile.gif
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Okay so remember how I said I'm terrible at drawing...

Will try something in photoshop...
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Ok this should make much more sense. The funky rectangle texture is the counter top. The color of the drawers is white just to show the difference between the fixed and the movable objects.

The idea is that the cabinets are 'modular' so I could fit a routing table + a couple of worktables together as an 'island' in the middle of the shop. This way I can store away tools but have them easily accessible. I'm thinking of using drawer rollers to hook them together (or very strong magnets).

Back to the original purpose: a sweet workshop for case mods.

Would love to know what you guys consider your most useful tools/setups for doing case mods. I'll start planning the paint booth and some sort or metalworking station (metal brake, cut off tools, etc) soon.

Cheers smile.gif
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