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LOL.. what?

Corsair's not some fly by night Chinese company. They're a US based, multi-million dollar company that's shipped over 10 million PSUs over the last ten years. You SERIOUSLY think they would risk a high failure rate and screwing their reputation over by using fake UCC caps? Seriously? What other tin foil hat theories do you have? Jesus.
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I don't trust anything made in China anymore. I've seen too much fake junk. I've removed brand new caps that tested way out of spec. thats why if its made in China I open it up and inspect it first. there is too much current going through these things that can start a fire. For a low end psu the CX430 has a very good build quality. can't beat it for $14. PCB board is good and great solder joints. good isolation where nothing can arc. The only problem are those junk Crapon caps. a junk cap can fail short and cause catastrophic damage. since I replaced them all with high quality caps this psu will last at least 10 years. Lately Corsair has been putting out some good stuff and I'd buy another one if I needed more wattage
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I don't trust anything made in China anymore.

You do realize that every single desktop ATX PSU out there is made in China, right? Taiwan labor was too high. Impervio was the last hold out because they had robots build their PSUs at the IS Quasar facility. That stopped about five years ago.

Now China labor is getting too expensive. Next stop? Vietnam. You think China is bad?
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