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I read that a few minutes ago and couldn't believe it either. Tried it out on my gm77 now and it works

This shouldn't be possible. The manual explicitly states that DAS is not available if you use the 240 strobe:

Are you absolutely sure this is not just a UI bug/inconsistency? If I understand correctly, you turn 240 on and then you press the physical button (on the bottom of the screen) for DAS. Now you *think* it's on and sure enough, perhaps the UI reports it as on. But one of the two functions has likely actually been turned off, no matter what the UI erroneously reports. Likely DAS because it's a lot easier to notice the lack of 240 than increased input lag.

I don't want to write anything off though, mostly because I really want to believe that you can use these two at the same time. I would very much appreciate it if you could do some testing on this:

- Do you notice a significant inpug lag difference between DAS on and off?
- Can you verify that 240 is indeed still on when you press the DAS button by testing it out in practice? In a game or the ufo test.
- Did you look through the OSD menu and verify that both functions appear to be on?
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