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Venus Taktikal -Rebuild Log

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Alright, here we go.

My last update here was for The Venus Project. I'm now a year and 3 months into the build, and it has served me well. During that time however, the quality of the rigid tubing isn't holding up, and the routing i chose needs to be rethought, as the bitspower fittings I've used impacted the appearence of the tubes. In other words, i have too much tubing and not enough reinforcement, and the weight of the fittings has cause tubing to sag, and EVEN LEAK at certain points. Thankfully, the leaking is minimal and hasnt affected any components. In addition im eventually going to go back to the green team for my GPU needs.

I am taking another page out of the design of Project NV and having a custom reservoir manufactured at some point. So this will probably be an ongoing upgrade for the next several months to a year.

Below are my goals.

Stretch Objective:
Reconfigure plumbing, wiring assets for cleaner aesthetics and to simplify future upgrades. Remove or alter waek points in system that could cause component failure.

Implementation - Planned Change Log:
1. Remove and reroute all solid tubing to reduce traveling distance and minimize potential fault points, including adding a maintenence/fill port.
2. Replace current reservoirs with (an) alternative(s).
3. Reconfigure and simplify wiring where possible.
4. Replace system fans to reduce system noise and enhance aesthetics.
5. Upgrade radiator capacity.
6. Replace current GPU Configuration, including EK Waterblocks.

Original Build Log for The Venus Project:
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Spent some time designing and using cad. Looks like it's not going to be cheap for the reservoir, but I wasn't expecting it to.

I've also been conferring with a local machine shop, K-TER.

Also received my tubing and fittings. Should have ordered more tubing. Will do soon.

Bitspower Rotary Fitting "T" - 180 Degree Water Cooling Accessory - Black Matte Finish BP-MBTR-C 1
Bitspower BP-MBWP-C60 G1/4" Matte Black IG1/4" Extender - 15mm BP-MBWP-C60 2
Bitspower Matte Black Enhance Rotary 90-Degree Multi-Link Adapter BP-MBE90RML 5
Bitspower Matte Black "Q" PLUS Fitting - 360 Degree Water Cooling Accessory BP-MBFMB 1
Bitspower BP-MBWP-C61 G1/4" Matte Black IG1/4" Extender - 20mm BP-MBWP-C61 2
Bitspower G1/4" Matte Black Enhance Multi-Link For Acrylic Tube OD 12MM BP-MBEML 9
Bitspower G1/4" Low-Profile Stop Fitting with O-ring - Black Matte Finish BP-MBWP-C09 2
Bitspower Case Top Water Fill/ Through Hole Fitting Set - Matte Black Finish BP-MBWP-C04 6
Bitspower Matt Black Enhance 90-Degree Dual Multi-Link Adapter BP-MBE90DML 1

Side note, This time I am going with much thicker tubing. 8mm ID and 12mm OD as opposed to 10mm ID 12mm OD. Should be more resistant to warping.
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Alright, an update.

Everything has been dissassembled. I cleaned the case throughly and when i did so found quite a bit of red residue by the bottom rad, from filling and maintaining the loops.

Once I had all the parts out and the case cleaned, I started drawing up ideas for refining my loops, wiring and figuring out what to eliminate pertaining to wiring and accessories.

I decided to reduce the number of fans in the system from 28 to 8. I am replacing the Corsair SP120s that were on the radiators with AF120 white LED fans. Also, rather than running 8 fans per radiator, I've decided to go with 4. However considering the cooling capacity of each radiatior, combined with the fact that I saw little to no increase in temperature regardless of fans speed, I am betting that I will not experience any real increase in temperatures for the CPU, and minimal if any for the GPUs. If my choice proves to be incorrect, then I will upgrade to SP120 White LED.

I remove the pumps from the mounts and repainted the pump mounts. Originally they were gloss black, and to be honest, looked like ****. I repainted them a flat black, and wow, it looks sharp.

I will also be switching out power supplies in the near future and going with a Corsair AX1200i. I like the thermaltake, but it isnt fully modular and the more prevalent red on the Tt is more distracting then on the Corsair. Additionally, I will be going with professionally sleeved gray cables.

Overall the color scheme will change, from black/red to Gray/Black with some white. I ordered block off plates for all fan holes not in use by radiators from caselabs. This will equate to a FAR FAR quieter system.

The elimination of 21 fans will clean up the wiring SIGNIFICANTLY and reduce the need for PCB boards everywhere. I ordered an additional Bitspower X-Station II. This will be mounted on the ceiling above the 5.25" drive bays. Will be running cables from that to the 5.25" devices, cleaning up the cabling in the front significantly. Much cleaner this time around. I will be ordering a usb 3.0 header extension to add to the ROG connect device, allowing for a much cleaner presentation. I will also be ordering 36" SATA DATA cables to further clean up wiring.

All of the power cables to the 5.25" devices will be cut to length. I also painted the 5.25" device mounts flat black. Really contrasts nicely with the rest of the case. With all of these adjustments and modifications I'll eliminate the number of power headers running from the power supply from 8 to 4. Very, very clean.

The fluid I will be going with will be White in one loop and Gray in the other.

Overall the case will have a much more tactical look about it, will run quieter, cleaner and use far less energy.

Here are some pictures.

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Plumbing is almost complete, just have to switch out some older tube with new tube that came in today. I replaced the power supply with AX1200i as planned. Got system put back together and ran preliminary leak test. No leaks. Decided to do some software stuff while waiting on the last baych of tubing.

Man what a mess that was. Im still not sure why, but Windows just did NOT want to cooperate. First i kept getting various errors in Windows when trying to download Win10. Tried to do a clean install with Win8->Win8.1->Win10. I spent the better part of 8 hours encountering NTFS errors, missing file errors that appeared to be from a worn cd (even though disk was fairly new) etc. I tried an SSHD for the install, and same issues. Wound up having to borrow a laptop with vista and downloading a Win 8 ISO. Even then, it took tinkering with the bios voltages to get anything to install, but alas I am relentless, and everything appears to be working better now.

I havent gotten custom sleeved cables yet, however when i do, i plan to go with ensourced. 1x atx 24pin 70cm, 1x 8pin cpu atx 30cm, 1x 4 pin atx cpu 30cm, 2x 8 pin pcie, 2, 6 pin pcie, and 2x psu to double molex at about 115cm. In addition ill be grabbing a usb 3.0 header extension, and some longer sata data cables. Ill be running a second bitspower x-station II to power all the drives, with 3x 6 inch molex connect.

Firing it up for the first time after install, first boot in the office room, that is when it hit me me; Just how much quieter it is now. Difference is night and day.

Here are some pics. Must say I REALLY like the aesthetic and colors better this time around.

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