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Its pretty much one size fits all. There is a lot of give and take to normal paracord, like the whole chinese finger trap. Stretch it until it shrinks up to your wire.

I know you didn't ask, but I would recommend you try a better sleeving material. I tried paracord on my first go around, and didn't like the way it turned out. It felt very "heavy", and was much harder and thicker to fit through the cabling slots etc.. It was also difficult to get it all straight and not appear to have wrinkles. Maybe I am just bad with paracord, but this is how it turned out the first time around.

I would use Lutro Custom's sleeving material or MDPC. The MDPC is pretty expensive, and I have never used it. Lutro Custom's sleeving material is awesome however. I used the melting method so you see the sleeving go all the way into the connector. The different colors all melted slightly differently as in some tended to burn up faster, but if you go slow it turns out awesome. Here is my second go around with sleeving using Lutro's:

It was lightweight, would go through all the cabling holes, and was straight and taught as in it didn't look wrinkly. Also, the colors tend to "pop" more because it is more of a traditional plastic rather than nylon which looks very much cloth like and doesn't reflect light as well.

That's my $0.02 for you. It was more like $0.10, but who's counting ??? thumb.gif

where could i purchase it in the us?