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Hi everyone.

I figured I should start a build log for this computer, given how much time and effort I'm putting into sourcing parts cheaply.

So far my parts list include:

CPU: Intel 3570k LGA 1155 (due to eBay and this thread here, I'm in essence, getting the CPU for free)

MSI GTX 970 4G (essentially acquired it for roughly $170. I bought a Radeon r9 280X on ebay for $125, sold it elsewhere for $165 and bought the GTX 970 for $215.)

Memory: 12 GB of G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 memory (used, acquired from craigslist for $40).

SSD: 120GB sandisk drive (acquired for $48 on sale from Newegg).

All in all so far I have spent about $249 (plus or minus $15-20 in accordance with fees and shipping and stuff.)

Not too bad considering what I have in the making so far, huh? biggrin.gif