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Was hoping someone could shine some light on this for me. I want to be able to stream from a console be it ps3 or ps4 but i want to use a DSS with my headphones to get the simulated surround. The problem i would be facing is when hooking up the console to the capture card via hdmi only video would be sent through hdmi because i will be using the optical out and have that set as the primary audio ouput source. At least i assume this to be the case, i dont think the system would still be sending audio over hdmi and optical out as the same time would it?

If my assumptions are true that would mean me having no audio to go along with the video on the stream. However the DSS has a usb out.

According to this "The USB port on the DSS surround headphone processor is a USB "pass-through" -- it sends both data AND power." It sounds like i could use that usb out and connect it to my pc and have the audio be sent that way.

If anyone can confirm this for me, before i sink in a couple hundred dollars for a setup that won't work the way im expecting it to.

This is the capture card im aiming to get as well With the above setup the capture card would only be receiving video and audio would be going straight to the pc through usb.