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NightWing FX Build

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Welcome to My Thread

This Will Be My Journey

My Concept For This Build Is Black And Blue Hence The Name Night Wing

For This Build Im Looking For All The Help I Can Get As far As Advice and If You'd Like I Can Even Make a YouTube Series Out Of This Build. Thanks In Advanced For All Your Advice

Parts List

CPU: AMD FX-8350

CPU Cooler:
Considering Water Cooling Custom Loop undecided

Mobo: Asrock 970M Pro3

Ram:Kingston Hyper X Fury Blue 1x8gb 1866 Mghz
Considering 4 of these at a later time

Storage: Samsung 850 Evo 250 GB
Western Digital Black 1 Tb

Video Card:Sapphire R7 370 Nitro 4Gb
Undecided On This GPU

Case: Corsair Air 240

Psu: Evga Supernova Gs 650w 80+Gold

Please Give Me Any And All Feedback you can
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Personally I would stay away from as rock amd boards. I've had two die within a year due to poor vrm cooling and capacitors not up to scratch. Their Intel variants are much better but not really relevant in this case.

I would recommend the msi 970 gaming or 990 gaming. Excellent board with great vrm and power delivery for 8 core cpu and over clocking.

As for the r7 gpu, if your looking to do anything intensive ie gaming or rendering etc then go for a r9 variant such as r9 380. No point wasting money on the r9 380x or x of whichever you choose as most of them will overclockers to this anyway.

Everything else looks good but maybe if your looking at custom water loop try looking at raijintek triton as a starter base. It's an all in one water cooler but made from custom loop parts so it looks great off the bat with custom color dyes and can be expanded with new fittings tubing res pump rad etc. Great way to start water cooling on a budget and for beginners I say. I have one on a fx 8350 and idle it's 16c and load in prime 95 it's 59c overclocker to 4.4ghz. Depending on your chip expect similar.

Look forward to your choices and good luck in your new build.
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