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[COMPLETED] [Build Log] Vorga - the VR rig. 4790K, 980Ti, custom loop!

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Okay so a little fable first. I was in Thailand a month or so ago and whilst I was out there I got to try out the Oculus Rift DK2. I was blown away. I've been aware of it for a number of years and I came across it by happenstance, but I never expected to like it as much as I did.

So began this little project. Well, I say little... it's suddenly ballooned into something else entirely. I've already spent a ***** ton of money on this thing. Yep, if you haven't already inferred it from the title... I'm building a rig for VR.

I don't go into things blindly. Head first, sure. But not blindly. I spent the majority of those four weeks researching (aided by the fact I recently had surgery and therefore bed bound). I spent hours just deciding on a drain port design that will fit with the Primo.

This is the rig I eventually came up with:

The Core:

Intel Core i7-4790K Processor
Asus Z97-DELUXE Motherboard
G.Skill Trident X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-2400
Crucial BX100 250GB SSD
EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB Superclocked
Phanteks Enthoo Primo
EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P2 1000W 80+ Platinum PSU

I haven't purchased the peripherals because I am hooking this bad boy up to my 21:9 Phillips TV (and I have a keyboard and mouse already)

The Watercooling:

EK Waterblock Supremacy Evo
EK Waterblock FC - TITAN X
EK Backplate - TITAN X
EK-RES X3 250
EK CoolStream XE360 Rad
Mayhem Ultra-Clear Tubing
Mayhem Pastel Yellow Coolant
Mayhem Fan Guard
EK Compression fittings
Various fittings and valves for drain & fill ports

(I'm clearly a fan of EK & Mayhems)

So... I have received everything but the EK package. In the meantime... I'm getting started with a few things, because well... this is going to be a custom build.

First up. Stripping the red off those G.Skill heatsinks. This is a Yellow/Black build (notice the can of heat temp spray paint in that picture above?)


Small evening update.

RAM heatsinks, sanded, primed and had their first coat:

Naturally, with them being heatsinks the layers of paint are as thin as possible. The primer was really thin and the yellow is formulated to withstand (and therefore breathe) temps over 150C. Nevertheless, still as light as possible. Two light coats in total.

The fan guard also had it's first coat.

The colour matches nicely with the fans:

I'm going to colour parts of the Enthoo Primo too, but for that I need to speak with my local sandblasting service smile.gif


Mega-update. The build has officially started as of yesterday and the back of the beast was well and truly broken. Naturally, there is still a ways to go yet.

So, first order of the day was getting the top grill of the Primo painted to match with the build's colour scheme. Yellow and black. I needed to get the paint drying, so that was the first job:

From the get go, I knew I would be installing a custom loop. With this being the second foray into custom loops, this time around I knew I wanted/needed to put in a fillport and drain. So, I mapped out a design then drilled the top of the case all the through to the chassis - and then through that too!

As you can see, it has a brushed aluminium layer, then thick plastic and then some 25mm down, the steel chassis. The bit slipped slightly when drilling, but that's okay... the fillport covers it nicely:

As there is a gap between the top of the case and the steel chassis, it was necessary to add a G1/4 extension from the bottom of the fillport so it would reach inside the chassis itself (the glory hole tape is invisible once all inside, not to worry):

From there, a 90-Degree rotary and compression was fitted:

After that, the MoBo was fitted and the 980Ti underwent it's transformation, complete with backplate and 45-Degree rotaries (I'm likely to re-colour that backplate as it really is gold and not yellow like in it's advert pictures!)

The res went in and so did the EK XE360 rad, complete with re-coloured fan guard:

The tubing was routed around the back of the rad using two joint 90-degree rotaries. From there is runs alongside and behind the rad and down the back of the case and out to the pump "behind the curtain":

Built using rotaries was the little drain port, immediately protruding the outlet of the pump. It can swivel, of course, so a bit of tubing will be attached when it's necessary to drain. Easy.

Back up in the case, I hooked up the tubing between the fillport and the res. With a double 45-degree rotary on the top of the res, this tubing married up very nicely:

In the bottom of the case, a 240mm Mayhem Havoc rad. This was a last minute addition and not wholly necessary if I'm honest. It's there because, why the hell not! The tubing between it and res join nicely:

From here, the build is on a slight pause whilst I wait for a few more 45-degree rotaries. It seems connections, like those between the res and the pump below, are in dire need of them. As is the CPU block.

Some 24 hours later, that grill was dry enough to put back in place:

Here is the build in it's current state (looking good!):

More very soon.
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Looking good ! thumb.gif
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Thanks, Sir!

Currently in the debate of whether to recolour that GPU backplate or not. I mean, I want to. Just a question of whether it's a good idea!
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Originally Posted by Apothocary View Post

Thanks, Sir!

Currently in the debate of whether to recolour that GPU backplate or not. I mean, I want to. Just a question of whether it's a good idea!
play a lil bit with photoshop to have a picture of it before doing it
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Originally Posted by Gamers Arena View Post

play a lil bit with photoshop to have a picture of it before doing it

Colour wise I'm pretty much set, I know it'll work great (the backplate was purchased thinking it was more yellow than gold) it's just a case of whether it's actually a good idea painting it, as it's somewhat of a heatsink (albeit with hi-temp enamel)
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A few days ago I decided to add more of the awesome Phantek 140mm fans that come shipped with the Enthoo Primo. Naturally, they had to be recoloured for the build. These fans are a little tricky to take apart as the a factory moulded at the blade pin. Meaning that you have to cut away the centre of the plastic under the sticker in order to free the blades. Fiddly. but easy stuff.

With the arrival of the additional 45 degree rotaries, I completed the tubing this morning:

The drain port, now all fitted works like a charm. With leftover tubing, I have fashioned a small hose that crews onto the end of the port via a barb.

The 45 degree rotary on the end of a 90 degree rotary made this corner possible:

The electrics was completed this morning, also. This cable management took a few hours, but no build is complete without tidy cables!

All that I'm waiting on now is more coolant before I fill the loop and... it's done!

Hopefully that'll be tomorrow!
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Well, despite an initial leak on the rad, this build went without a hitch. The loop was finally filled a few days ago and it was throughly leak tested (the EVGA P2 PSU comes with a lovely mobo jumper making leak testing easy!)

So without further ado, I present VORGA:

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