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Sony's Xr 960 improve 120Hz?

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I'm looking to get the Sony 75" Model KDL75W850C.


My question is. For years I was always concerned about an LED TV that has less than 240Hz but now I'm hearing that most of these 1080P and 4K TV's are 120Hz and supposedly it's because the other technology around the TV makes 120Hz more acceptable and much improved than it did years ago. Not sure if this is true, maybe someone here can tell me if I'm hearing correctly. Also, the sales guy told me that Sony's Xr 960 processor with this TV model is what makes it's 120Hz better. I always thought 120Hz is 120Hz... didn't know other things can improve upon this which shows what I know. Can someone verify or break down if this is true or not and why or why not?
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Sure there are slow 120Hz sets and fast 120 Hz sets ( good and bad sets also ) the CPU latency has more to do with input lag than 120Hz vs 60 Hz panels and the CPU/GPU has a lot to do with videoprocessing for a good picture and accurate colors and low motion blur Sony and Samsung are some of the best out there .

FWIW the Sony X850C is a decent game set and 4K upscaling set and 4K set with reasonably low gaming input lag for a TV and one of the best 1080p to 2160p upscaling sets and accurate color out of the box ,The arguably very good Samsungs are better in bright roooms .

Sony 65X850C input lag is 36ms very good for a TV 75X850C is not shown below but it should be the same or very close they have the sameX1 reality pro CPU/GPU and both have rear lit VA panels The 55x850C is an edge lit set and not quite as good as the 65b & 75 but still real decent . The arguably very good or equal Samsungs are better in bright rooms .

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