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just for a comparison:

QPAD DX-20 127x64x38

Zowie FK1 128x60x37
Zowie FK2 124x58x36
SS Sensei 126x68x38
razer taipan 124x63x36

It seems the perfect shape for me... just wait for reviews
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would be awesome if the 64 mm were actually measured in the middle, the thinnest part... well atleast the width is not "zowie bad". lets see how big of an issue this steep transition from wide to thin really is when its released. if it gets released at all.
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Originally Posted by uaokkkkkkkk View Post

Some say the Theron Blu is haunted by the tortured soul of a Dexin factory worker.

I loled.
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Watchmono posted some pics of the DX20 as well: http://watchmono.com/blog-entry-5888.html

Interesting to note the feet seem to be already curved edges.
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That looks surprisingly good. Seems like a 61-63 mm sensor position and the mentioned width (64 mm) is at the widest point at least according to that picture. My main issues with the FK (orig, dunno about the FK1/FK2) were the height and the sensor position... Those feet look very nice too. Any idea of EU/US availability?

EDIT: It's 97 grams though...
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97g hmm :/

wouldn't want to ruin that nice feet to check if theres any extra weight in it =)
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Originally Posted by turnschuh View Post

are there any other pics of exactly this mouse? the one side pic looks already good tho. hope they release some info on this..

and if its really a 3320 it doesnt even sound so bad does it?

btw, mind sharing your source EverestCN?

You can find the details of the sensor from the pic

Must be 3320~smile.gif

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Ah, i see! Thanks.
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QPAD Announces DX-20 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

QPAD's DX-20, the company's latest mouse, breaks new ground in more ways than one. The DX-20 is the first new mouse shape from QPAD in seven years. Equally important, it's an multi-surface mouse, meaning you can use it on more surfaces than any previous optical gaming mouse.

With an improved design inspired by the legendary Microsoft Intellimouse 1.1, the new DX-20's sensor features game-critical zero-mouse acceleration, precisely matching 1:1 movement between your mouse and the movement on the screen. This gives gamers the confidence that they have the most up-to-date gaming tool available on the market. The feeling of movement that the new sensor in the DX-20 provides gamers is awesome - shades of the legendary Intellimouse family.

The new ambidextrous shape works for both left and right-handed players, and the ergonomic advantages apply in either case. The mouse sits comfortably in your hand and the grip is perfectly balanced and works for either palm or claw-grip.

One of the coolest things about the new DX-20 is the bottom plated RGB LED, which features a strip of LED circumnavigating the mouse and allows visibility of the cursor during low-light gaming sessions. In addition to the LED bottom strip, the logo and the scroll-wheel are also lit by LED.
And true to the QPAD tradition, what lies beneath the exterior razzle-dazzle of the LEDs is a solid, well-tuned mouse with a balanced and professional feel.

Like QPAD's other line up, the DX-20 features an advanced ARM processor, QPAD Glidz mouse feet's, intuitive software for advanced settings, seven programmable buttons for profiles, sensitivity, shortcuts, keys and macro recordings.

QPAD also includes support for gamers who like to play on different computers. As such, it supports Plug & Play for easy installation. No drivers are needed and it carries a 128kb on-board memory that will store your personal profile settings. No need to fiddle around once you're plugged into another computer.

Few optical products can match the DX-20's ability to work on so many surfaces. So if you're gaming from an unfamiliar mouse pad or on no mouse pad at all, you won't be disadvantaged. In fact, with the DX-20, you can hit the ground running!

Availability: November 26 at Dreamhack
Recommended selling price: 69€

Source: techpowerup.com
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Originally Posted by OrweII View Post

Recommended selling price: 69€

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