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[BUILD LOG] Project Frosty- Watercooled White Node 804

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I really liked the Define R4, but it always seemed too large, and wasted a lot of space.

So my goal for this bud was to find a smaller case, one that still allowed me to keep my full custom loop, and I settled on the Node 804. Some of the parts are. Carried over from the R4, but a lot was bought to try and match a Blue/White colour scheme.


CPU: i5-4690K
GPU; Galax GTX 980
PSU: Corsair RM650
RAM: 8GB Kingston HyperX
Motherboard: MSI Z97M-G43
SSD: Intel 730 Series 240GB
HDD: 2TB WD Green
Case: Node 804


CPU Block: XSPC Raystorm For Intel
GPU: EK Fullcover VGA Block
Reservoir/Pump Combo: EK XRES 140 D5 PWM Combo
Radiators: 2x XSPC Ex240
Fittings: 10x XSPC 7/16 Chrome Compression Fittings
Tubing: 3M Primochill UV Blue Tubing
Fans: 4x EK Vardars
Misc.: Silver Kill Coil, Biocides and Demineralised Water

So This all fit in well and good, but I could only get the 804 in black, so after a lot of Googling, I decided to give painting the case a go. I bought some 240 and 480 Grit sandpaper, some white paint, and, after some more reading, a trip back down for some aluminium primer, and got to work.

I've read conflicting information about scuffing vs going to bare metal, but I decided to just scuff it up a bit:

And after 2 coats of primer and colour, I'm pretty happy with the result:

I decided, at this point, I had the primer, so I picked up some blue, a bit more white, and got the radiators and the fittings painted, and I'm glad I did:

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Nice. Really like the 804. Can't wait to see it assembled. I wanted to go with node 804 for my upcoming pc but lack of white color made me choose white/black parvum s2.0.

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white/black parvum s2.0.

I really like the partum cases, but I couldn't get one in a white/blue colour
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It took a while, and work got in the way, but I'm finally finished with the build, just going through a leak test, but so far so good:
P_20150907_185932.jpg 1613k .jpg file

It was a tight fit with the CPU block on one side, bit even tighter for the reservoir on the other side:
P_20150907_190006.jpg 1442k .jpg file

There was no room next to the motherboard thanks to the overhang from the 980, and that left nowhere else to really mount it properly with screws. I moved it over to the other side, but the ports weren't high enough, so I grabbed and painted a spare bit of wood, got some "industrial" Velcro , and it solved the problem:
WoodSupport.jpg 1136k .jpg file
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