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ASUS PA328Q startup issue

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Hello, just added 3 of these into my setup, and so far everything fine but one small issue.
When restarting computer or turning it on 1 of the monitors, not always the same one, is having issue starting up from power saving mode. LED is staying red instead of turning nice white.
In that case I need to manually turn off and then again on monitor in order for it to start properly.

This also brings another issue that if I attach SUB 3 cable for hub on monitor motherboard will stuck at b4 code which has something to do with issues detecting USB hub.
I confirmed that is monitor hub. Once cable is removed it continues normally but still having that power up issue.

Any ideas what is going on and how to prevent that?

Each monitor is attached to titan x card (1st, 2nd and 4th, 3rd one is not connected to monitor)
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I'm experiencing the exact same problem. ASUS is replacing the monitor for the SECOND time! This is incredibly frustrating.
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do you by any chance have couple of them and smoe attached to secondary or other cards?
I have 3 of them and was having that issue non stop. But recently due to some testing I;ve got all 3 of them attached to primary card (had them attached to 1st, 2nd and 4th before) and i havent notice this issue in a while.
I will be returning to previous config soon again with monitors on 1st 2nd and 4th GPU and will see again but I expect issue to be back as well.
Could be something with GPu nitialisation
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I have a single gpu and single monitor. I would like to add a second, but not with the problems I have had with this monitor.
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hmmm it could be taht I just was a bit lucky since testing, but i also havent turned off and on much as well... will try tomorrow morning to see if behavior persist, if so then it is definitely not some per monitor issue but whole line.
Having in mind how expensive these are I would expect them to work perfectly smile.gif
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So, even though ASUS has agreed to send me a third monitor, they are currently out of stock. Maybe thats because they are fixing the issues before shipping any more out.
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