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Does anyone know what improvements (if any) the PLN2037 has over the 2034?
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So I just got mine and tried it out, here are my thoughts about it.

For your information, I owned a lot of mices, logitech g5, mx 518, g400, roccat kone, deathader, avior 7000/SK, asus rog and so on.

I needed a mice kinda low sinceI can't handle anymore others ones without a glove (reminding of fencing training on my road to be a champion in my highschool years).

The shape is good, the middle wheel looks cheap and the rubber on it with the dots for a better grip are a good idea but not well made enough even the move is fast, that's appreciable, however noisy. Side rubbers should be better as well but are well working and really make you hold the mice, forgetting you're having one since the shape is good. Better materials and it would have been perfect.

The precision : so far, it's a slash, even better than my rog gladius which is kinda underrated and yet the best I had to deal with, it's very reactive, and I do mean it, you can truly feel the others moving slowly with their mices compare to it. I was scared of the axis issue or angle snapping/prediction but didn't feel it, strangely while I was previously really overliking optical for this reason. Nah there, it was accurate, aiming well and fast, just need to do settings with dpi and such. Also, I used 1800 dpi minimum and will stay at it I guess. And here comes my problem : the mice still hurt my hand and I need a glove as well, but the feeling and the accuracy makes me want to keep it.

But don't worry, aside the materials that really would suit a 40-50 euros mice (for the rubbers and the wheel, the mice itself is nice but for the price and compare to the rog gladius...wow, use something better! Make it a true legend!), Razer sadly did poor choices that doesn't serve the mice as well as the sensor really deserve it. I heard and readed so many things about the sensor, I was scared because of the mamba, preparing to maybe send it back...and nah, works super good, it's just lovely. Only one thing : sometimes, not really noticing well the very low moves, however, it can comes from the mousepad : a razer destructor that is still looking good but preventing a bit my moves. I have an artisan hayate and a func 1030 surface as well so will see with them. Just wanted to see how would a razer mice react on a razer mousepad after all those years I didn't own a deathadder.

And here comes one of the issues : inside the synapse software, you can calibrate your mice and the current razer mousepads have a premade settings. Yes, the currently selling ones. Which means the destructor 1 isn't recognized, requiring a manual calibrating. For the price, that kinda sucks there's no legacy support as if they didn't have any somewhere in their company.

As well with the synapse, the options over the mices are poor, no angle snaps settings to set it to 0, and so on, just dpi, frequency, profiles (never used any, always same for all), acceleration and x/y sensibility that could maybe be a software fix diactivated for me) for those who noticed issues with the x/y axis. It's just...too basical.

On the contrary, the chroma is well introduced, all clean, all nice, and making your mice looking like a make-up barbie but....I don't see my mice when I play, it's under my hand, so that's really useless and when Roccat did their Kone, tons of people were spitting over it, now they're all happy cause it's Razer. Yay.

The dpi button, I don't miss it, never used that, but the buttons on the side, well, they goes well under the thumb and index for me, but when they're needed, need a bit of time to get used to it and isn't as good as for the others I had. That depends, but for ingame conveniency, I like it better this way and it's not hard at all to get used to it.

So, I am shared, I wanna keep the mice and still scared : had two razer arctosa (why did you stop doing it?frown.gif ), one is still working great, a razer headset and a deathadder, not to mention the tons of mices I used like diamondback, lachesys and the like in lans bars. Some lasted years of hard services trough those items, some didn't make it very long. For the accuracy that is just magical, I'll keep the mice for sure despite requiring a glove but once you tried it in game, so far so good, maybe there'll be a start of bugs that'll appear soon and will make me send it back but I pray not. Reactive, accurate, that mice is truly well made for the game but would deserve better apparel.

For the price, well I took it cause I had a discount of 140 euros in a shop so I prefer to tell you but would I buy it again with 100 bucks right now if I had to? Hell yeah! Even though it's clearly overpriced, well, the rog gladius that I also like a lot is at 75 euros, considering the sensor improvement, that could worth it but both are overpriced, welcome in the gaming world.
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What's your hand size, dude?!
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So, i bought it and.. Zaxis mayhem. : S Its really as bad as they say it is, now i know! -_____-
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Anybody with ~16.5, 17cm hands able to finger tip this comfortably? Especially in WIN environment and not games. Does it have internal memory or are you dependent on Synapse?

Let me rephrase: can someone measure this thing from the base to the end of left and right clicks? Is this really 125mm long?! Thanks.
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My hand size is 18cm, problem isn't the lenght, but the sides are too small actually.

For Zaxis issues, that means either you have a bad mousepad, either you are using bad your mouse.
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Just wanted to shed some more light on a mouse that I think is currently underrated/overlooked at the moment. Maybe its due to the high price that there isn't much discussion about it, but right now its $76 on Amazon (down from $90).

I decided to pick one up on a whim, after holding one in a store and being intrigued -- it seems to fit my fingertip grip really well(I have 18.5cm hands). The inwards curving rubber grip on the sides of the mouse allow you to easily lift it with your thumb and pinky, great for swiping quickly when needed and giving you a high level of control/precision that I haven't felt with any other mouse.

For a mouse at this price point, everything feels high quality, though I can't say how long it will last given its a Razer product. The LMB and RMB are large and distinct. Each click feels extremely precise and crisp, and gives a satisfying sound after each press. I would rank it better than the clicks on the G303 IMO. The clicks are easy to press down, but the delination between on and off is more pronounced than on the G303. The whole mouse has a grainy plastic finish, which give you a good grip without getting sticky/slippery while gaming.

I also wanted to try out the PTE sensor. People have complained about the z-axis issue, but it hasn't really bothered me. I calibrated mine to my allsop cloth mousepad, and set the LOD to the lowest setting. I wish it could be lower, but will have to live with it until Razer releases an update. After picking it up and putting it back down, the cursor is almost at the same place anyway. Tracking feels great, I haven't noticed any tracking issues at slow speeds. It definitely feels different than my other 3310, 3366, 3988, MLT04 mice. It's hard to say objectively if its better, as I don't run all those technical tests, but it feels better to me so far. It has a certain rawness to it. Not sure if its because of the grip/light weight, but it glides really well (has an extra teflon circle surrounding the sensor, which is a nice touch).

The one thing I think they screwed up on this mouse was having side buttons on both the left and right sides. This sometimes causes my right ring finger to accidentally hit the top side button. To fix this, I have unbound the top right side button for now. They also should have also added a DPI up/down button below the mouse wheel IMO, I currently have one of my side buttons bound to cycle DPI as a workaround. Maybe make the side buttons removable to fix this, or make separate left/right handed versions.

If Razer could fix this and the lower the LOD, I think it would make the mouse almost perfect for me. As it stands now, its still a joy to use due to the tracking, low weight, great clicks, and shape. I think it would ideally fit fingertip grippers with hands on the narrower side. Give it a shot and you may be surprised! Otherwise, you can always return it.
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Originally Posted by 0verpowered View Post

Each click feels extremely precise and crisp, and gives a satisfying sound after each press. I would rank it better than the clicks on the G303 IMO.

You poor soul, now watch ALL the G303 users attack you for ever typing that blasphemous lie medieval.gif .
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Originally Posted by Elrick View Post

You poor soul, now watch ALL the G303 users attack you for ever typing that blasphemous lie medieval.gif .

Bring it on! I have both and the diamondback feels higher quality.
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Have never found a mouse that suited me better than my old diamondback, would love love love if razer bit the bullet and released an optical version.
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