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Nvidia N730 Bios Mod help pls

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Hi Guys,

First of all, i hope understand my school english biggrin.gif

I dont have a high-end computer but its enough for me....so i decided to make some little upgrade and found this card: http://www.gigabyte.at/products/product-page.aspx?pid=5114#sp.

In some games the card has some glitches most at the light/shadow segments....but anyway rolleyes.gif i want to overclock it a little and hope those glitches can fixed with some little more voltage.
My problem mad.gif i cant find a way to open the bios, i have try NiBiTor 6.06, Maxwell Bios Tweaker 1.36, Kepler BIOS Tweaker 1.27 and FermiBiosEditor (and older versions) without luck

I have read on a webpage that this card use Fermi or Kepler-chip......

Is ther anybody who can help me to mod my bios or give me some advice how i can mod this by my self?

I but the Biosfile a manage to backup into the attchment use 3 different ways to back it up (GPU-Z.0.8.5 fails to backup the bios).
GV-N730-2GI.zip 386k .zip file

Many thx guys and hope to a soon answer

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Thanx! I try it and reply...
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Gigabyte_GV_N730_2GI_Old_Dump.BIN.zip 103k .zip file Don't working. the original dump is 256k and that just 120k.
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