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I have the same problem with my monitor: 2 grey lines at the bottom, if Freesync is on. Already happening in the Bios. Built Jan15.

I sent it to LG with a detailed description and in mind, that they probably know about this already...
Well LG Germany sent the 29UM67 back to me, saying everything is fine and it would probably be just a graphics card error or a bad cable.
Obivously i tested it with different state of the art display port cables and a 290X.
After calling them and asking if the technical department knows about this systemic error with 29UM67s built Aug15 and earlier, they wrote me a few days later, that nothing of that sort is known. (LG Germany doesnt have the data of LG US).

So if any of you could send me a reply of LG stating that this error is systematic / in many monitors before aug15, that would be very much appreciated smile.gif

Thank You Very Much!