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I have a fx 8310 at 4.5 with 970a-ud3 + hyper 212+ evo

My friend has fx 8320 at 4.5 with 970a-ud3p with hyper 212+ non evo

Memory can also hold you back but I've had good luck up to 4.4 to 4.5 with hyper 212+
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Well the mobo came already BIOS wise updated...

But no good news. The only temp stable OC was while using 3.5GHz... Went thu all the vcores and rations from 4.0GHz to 3.5GHz and it overheats - windows crashes - mobo reaches 70 ºC.

So what do I do now? Any other ideas? Should I just play safe then or you guys think with a better CPU cooler I could manage better temp.?

The CPU came with this stock cooler:

sir,please don't use that hsf for oc.i got the stock hsf like that,and almost toast my cpu because i forgot to detect the heat...i know little about oc,i only got 3,8 stable on stock vcore (still learning though ),but that fan is a no go.
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