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BIOS 1901 for X-99 Deluxe

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Why they don't write anything... Improved what!?!?
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Before update I did record as movie my bios settings to make it the same again. After update it started and changed bioos settings. For the first time no problem when booted. But when I check from windows my CPU and saw it was working at default speed. Than back to biosa and changed again. But this time PC didn't started. Starts and resets.... 20 times.... Than touched clear CMOS button, and stared again. But this time I wanted to OC with AI suite and when you OC it changed in bios too. Before it did set to 4500Mhz (3 cores 4500 - 3 Cores 4400) This time it it adjusted to 4600mhz. - I did set it for CPU Voltage 1.35 V

Here how it looks now

I'll check bios too.
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Just wondering if you've experienced any issues since with the 1901?

Oh man.. Improved What!!!! Is exactly what I want to know!!!!! And I wish I would of wrote down all my BIOS settings!!!

I just did the update, everything was working fine until my PC went into hibernation mode and then got stuck in this turn on and turn off loop. I reset the Bios and was prompted with an error "overclocking failed"

The only thing I've noticed was my memory was at 2800 with a BLCK of 127.5 and 125mhz Strap. Noticed the max speed reached 4.7 GHZ. Which sky rocketed my VCORE temp to 68 Degrees C. I removed the XMP 2.0 profile for now and haven't had a chance yet to check out what other settings this new update has modified. Appears like the values applied when I choose XMP are different than before doing the update.
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hey there...so just resently upgraded to 1901. as for stability i dont really see any improvment. atleast not in my 100 base clock setup. still runs at 1.276v 4.4 ghz and still aint able to get to run the ram at 3000mhz. as far as my 125 bclk setup goes there has been somewhat of a diffrence. i can use offset now but it requires much more voltage. it used to run stable at 4.375 ghz with the same voltage not offset though. with the offset i have to add 0.240v meaning my cpu has a core voltage of 1.29v.
guess im running it on the second setup now.
As a side note im not a very expirienced overclocker but i think my oc results are okay.
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