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Can I use a 'random' Asus board to HOTflash a different Asus board's BIOS? - Page 2

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You might want to try and invest the $5 or so in a CH341A bios programmer off Ebay. They come in handy for bricked BIOSes.
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Well....got the BIOS in the mail, installed it, had the MB laying without battery and jumpered in CLRCMS. 1 stick of RAM, my trusty Q9550 with it's boxed cooler, an older 5770 VGA and the USB stick handy.

Battery in, jumper back and feeling the anticipation before turning it on. Turn it on, it powers up, and does a Parameter Recall? At least that is my guess, it powers up and it instantly powers down. Powers up again and...nothing! Aaaaargh...if it did a parameter recall, why? CMOS is clear. I also figured out that it does the power up power down when the reset is used. Not if you just turn it on or off by PSU...any ideas on that?

Almost running out of options. I read a few stories that sometimes Asus boards go into some sort of PCIe VGA loop, which I hope is the case here. For that I need that PCI VGA card...and obviously to see if the boot section of the board spits out anything. Went to another local IT guy here, he didn't have any. What he did have is a PC Speaker, but not expecting anything.

Almost done, if PCI fails, I'll probably screw it on the wall and use it as a RAM holder wink.gif

Thanks for the tip Neo,.. dang, I would have gotten one of those and burn a chip out of the blue myself (not that it would have worked is what we know now). Never ever had the need to flash a BIOS. I used to have an eeprom programmer at work back in the day.
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Call me nuts, plain crazy or persistant...but I got ' some ' life now...beep error code after I did the following:

Still trying to get that PCI VGA, and seeming to have only use for 5 hours of sleep a day, I couldn't leave it to rest till that card was there. I have a small flask of good 'ol Freon I only use for those special occasions, this is one. Took out a load of cotton swabs and started cleaning every tiny bit taking extra care of the connectors. Now I did seem to have some VGA or RAM related feelings with the machine going down quickly so spend some extra time there. Tried to start her up....same result but what a nice and shiny board!

So, after having searched videos on youtube and watch countless movies that are just a waste of time, I found an interesting one. A guy had a board that had a similar issue, he took the board and heated it up too hot to touch with a strip painter gun.

(Made some sense to me. Thinking about the fact I only started about a month or 2 ago to OC the board to find it's limits it did heat up nicely and might have affected the solder or anything metal/connection related having run stock for 5 years. Nothing extreme though, standard voltages on NB and CPU).

You guessed it, lined it up and fired up the gun. Some thorough heating (obviously from the back wink.gif ), hitting the memory and PCIe slots a bit extra. No smoke but it got hot rolleyes.gif

Motherboard back on it's little feet, hooked up the 24 and 8 pin power...the speaker, turn on and BEEEEEP BEEP BEEP. YAAAAAAA

Well...a little yaaaa, still got to figure out what's going on. Did cost me a bios chip (dang), but getting this board back again is worth much more. Still can't believe this got something started. Stay tuned thumb.gif )

EDIT: Just did some testing with memory (the beeps mean 'no memory present'), I tried several different sticks in almost all possible configurations...and I can conclude that as soon as memory goes in it doesn't POST.

Nothing installed (just CPU), memory missing beep code.
Only 1 stick in any slot, no post.
Just the PCIe VGA in, no memory, memory missing beep code

Don't think the VGA has anything to do with it...changes are small but it's possible. The likely problem is memory or the memory controller is what I can see, allright, more searching to do (and any input is welcome...I think this topic might restart in a different thread focusing on the memory)
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Baked the board @ 220 Celcius for 8 minutes to reflow it. The process went actually very well, but the result is nada...Memory beep when there is none, as soon as you stick something into a memory slot just plain nothing but fans.

...she is a goner...snif. Was an interesting journey though, and I learnt some things along the way. Now I can focus on the P5Q's!
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