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Hi . First thank you for checking out this build log. In this build log i will be building a new computer with a custom hardline water cooling loop (some of the parts are out of my old computer) and possibly a desk. The reason why i say possibly a desk is because im moving things around in my library and cleaning it up before i can build the desk. The computer will serve 4 purposes rendering, photo editing, gaming, and streaming. also this build log might go all the way to February to get it to where i like it. because i have to clean out a whole room possibly repaint still not sure and some of the parts i have listed are not available yet although i know when they're coming out like the inwin 909.


CPU: Intel i7 4930k
Motherboard: Asus rampage iv black edition (own)
Ram: Avexir mpower red 32gb
Gpu: Titan X and asus strix 780 (own)
Storage: 256gb ssd (for now) and 2 tb hdd (own)
PSU: seasonic 1050 snow silent
Case: inwin 909

Water Cooling Parts

CPU: Block: EK-Supremacy EVO Acetal
GPU: Block EK-Fc Titan X-Acteal and ekwb backplate
Pump: d5
Res: still deciding probably frozen q dual bay res
Rad: still deciding
Fans: noctua ppc
Tubing: alpha cool black chrome hardline tubing
Thermal compound for cpu: artic mx 4
Thermal compound for gpu: what ever ek includes


Monitor: 1 asus rog swift pg278q (own) and a samsung un48ju6700 for streaming
Keybaord: corsair k95
Mouse: razer naga epic (own)
Chair: dx racer iron series black and red

Planned Mods

psu cover
led lights (if i can find a place to hide them)
laser engraving a few emblems into tempered glass
paint noctua ppc noise grommet red
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