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I uh... are you lacking in sleep? You keep comparing screen tearing to ping, and he has never done that, only used it as an analogy to show that sometimes people don't notice when things are happening even though they are.

Also, please don't attack me with "believe whatever the hell you want." I have not claimed to believe anything, merely tried to help you understand his argument so that you can provide a better one against him.

Take your time and read carefully.

When he asked me if i noticed screen tearing and stuttering i took it as that's what he sees when playing. He never corrected me when i brought it up twice.. So i assumed that is what he meant.

It doesn't matter either way, blocking people with pings over 100ms is stupid, all that would do is hurt the player base. The ones with the high pings are the ones with the disadvantage.


On desktop now, and yeah i completely missed his point. I still disagree with him though, I've played in servers from other regions, and it's very difficult to take someone on with a good connection.

which is why i said in my original reply that loosing to 1 person out of 20 with a high ping isn't a big deal compared to the ones who have to play with that connection. They'll lose out 9 times out of 10.

And yes i am lacking sleep, the sun was also in my eyes. tongue.gif
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