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LF Radiator Selections for New (re)Build

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I've been planning to replace my AIO coolers with a custom loop for a while now, and with EK set to release their 980ti K}NGP|N full cover blocks next week I figure now's the time to bite the bullet and do it, but I'm unsure about radiator selection. I'm going to mount radiators on the top and on the front, but I'm looking for advice on the size. The top of the Define S will accommodate either a 360 or a 420, but whereas the 360mm radiator can be any thickness, a 420 can't be any thicker than 30mm (55mm with fans). So my questions is, for my components, am I better off just mounting two EK XE360s (one on top and one on front), or would I get better performance by putting a thin 420 on top and a thick 360 on the front?

Case: Fractal Define S
CPU: i7-4790k @ 4.8ghz
GPU: 2x 980ti K|NGP|N in SLI

Proposed loop: Res > Pump > Front Rad >GPU > GPU > Top Rad > CPU > Res

I'd also be open to suggestions for pumps, reservoirs, and airflow. Right now I'm thinking of having the front 360 set to intake and the top (whatever it ends up being) set to exhaust. I'm not typically a fan of intaking warm air, but I feel like having both rads set to exhaust -- even with the rear fan as intake -- would end up with the rads starved for fresh air.
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With radiators in general, the larger the radiators foot print is more important than the thickness. I'm running 2x280x30 rads and they give me a 10C delta-t at 580W. I would say do the thin 480 and a thicker 360. If you can get fans in there for push pull, even better.

Edit: here is a similar post
Thin 480 Rad vs Thick 360 Rad?
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