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Documented issue with sb950 chipset and certain ssd not being visible under raid drivers.. Samsung 550 cant be recognized. What recent model ssd have you been able to run in raid 0 (on the mb)?

Currently running 2 crucial m4 drives with no issue. I dont want to spend $250 on finding another m4.

My alternative is to grab a ugt-st644r and do a last ditch effort to make this work with my 3 samsung 850s before returning them to amazon. No one has posted ssd benchmarks so this is an unonown. I dont want my current dr8ve performance to be less than what im experiencing. Hopefully the 3 drives will give me 1300/1200MB/S

(For the people out there that want to say:
1. Raid 0 is not any faster. I disagree. Im booting in 10 to 15 seconds to desktop and currently do 1000MB/S READ AND 730MB/S WRITE SEQUENTIAL.

2. Golly, thats not safe. I don't care. My drive is backed up.