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Oculus Connect, the company’s developer-focused VR event, heads into its second year come September 23rd. The company has revealed the schedule of speakers and presentations to be held throughout the three day conference.

Oculus Connect 2 will be hosted at the Loews Hollywood Hotel from September 23–25. Only select developers are able to attend and registration has since been officially closed.

Oculus says that more than 30 talks spanning the three day developer conference will provide “everything developers need to know to launch on the Rift and Gear VR.” The Connect 2 schedule has just been revealed, featuring presentations from Oculus, Facebook, and third parties.

News on the Connect 2 Oculus Conference starting tomorrow... well today, its am now...

But thats not the cool part, this is the cool part:

Road to VR have partnered to bring those unable to attend Oculus Connect 2 closer to the news; we’ll be running three events to capture the essence of the conference. You’ll be able to log onto AltspaceVR and enter a special Road to VR virtual venue where our roving reporter on the ground, Ben Lang, will give you a recap of the day’s news and take questions from the virtual audience too.

There’ll be room for around 75 lucky attendees who will gain admittance on a first come, first serve basis. Details on the events are below. If you have issues installing or using AltspaceVR after sign up and installation, check the application help page here.

Sign up to experience the Conference in VR!!!

First Come First serve, not sure if you need an Oculus Rift to view, or any VR HMD device. But certainly cool to go to a conference in VR!!