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Best Mini ITX is ASUS Maximus VIII Impact...??? Who say EVGA Stinger Z170? EVGA Stinger Z170 cost 5 euro less than Maximus VIII Impact in Europe and have nothing except CPU, RAM, GPU.
I mean nothing, No normal Sound Card, No USB 3.1, No U.2, no Blutooth, no Wi-Fi, weaker overclocking memory, 4 phase less than Impact,
If someone want to lose all of that function for 5 euro than good luck.
Impact worth at least 120-130 euro more than Stinger and this Impact is best Impact probably. She have almost everything as bigger board except more place for GPU. .
Who choose EVGA Stinger over Maximus VIII Impact could say freely I made incredible mistake.
I never say bigger difference between boards with similar price, that's absurd.
But I even saw someplace where Maximus VIII Impact is cheaper.
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The Impact is garbage and missing a lot and how is 228 for the impact cheaper the 199 for the stinger
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Originally Posted by TMatzelle60 View Post

The Impact is garbage and missing a lot and how is 228 for the impact cheaper the 199 for the stinger

You are funny guy... Maximus VIII Impact Garbage...hee heee... are you aware what you talk....

Board support more function than some mATX boards. You can now search for all features from PC world and say she don't have...
E-ATX, SATA Express, ...
But she have everything important what people search now from one Mini ITX board.

And most important things is that people could connect both version of USB 3.1 device A+C, they could transfer files from phone to computer with Bluetooth without cables, as I saved all crashes from EVGA card and clock and temperature and everything in moment of crash with some old cell phone without cable and transfer that on PC. I couldn't done that without Bluetooth on R5E and this little devil have new version 4.1.
They could use Wi-Fi, they have almost dedicate Sound Card and that's not some joking, onboard sound card on Mini ITX is everything, you have or you don't have, you have or + 100$ USB sound card.
I replace SBZ on 3 days with Supreme FX 2014 I was shocked with good sound, OK after 3 days I figure out on SBZ you can hear some non existent sound on Supreme FX, but all important gaming effects explosions, fire, shooting is loud, strong, from all speakers. On SBZ I need to increase volume and gain on Read and decrease on center. On Supreme FX nothing, nice surround all around me.
You can't compare with other onboard sound at all. With such card I would not invest at all in SBZ, it's enough for one gamer. But SBZ is better.
Only Impact have better and newer version of Supreme FX than I tried and hardware use much more space that mean probably better sound and better options.
People could use Intel 750 SSD, power section is better than on most mid range motherboards.
You can keep 6700K on 5.0GHz if he can reach 3 years...
And imagine someone to tell you to keep overclocked i7-6700K on 4 phases. How that sound to you for 4.8-4.9 GHz on 4 phases, i7. Number of phases is not everything, but 6-8-10 good phases depend of size of motherboard is some normal standard, Impact have 8 premium from ASUS, as Hero.
Hero have some better things but same number of phases.
8phase IR3553 40A - MicroFine Alloy Chokes, 10k caps on Mini ITX board.
People could use Fan Ext Header, 5-6 buttons for different options, all kind of software with update every few months, Thermal sensor to put where you want. She is everything only not simple motherboard for HTPC. Some Mini ITX motherboard you can't use as base option because you will hear nothing with onboard sound card and cost same as Impact without all these functions I say above.

Only one thing miss, that's little LED with possibility to show CPU temp at least behind with USB Ports.
Impact is Mini ITX ART. OK as pure gamer I would not go below Gene, but if someone want really small PC than Impact and
ASUS GTX970-DCMOC-4GD5 are best option on market who love smallest gaming RIG. Or reference GTX980 is not big.

America is not world, on the biggest part of the world Stinger is probably more expensive but in Europe price is same or in Germany people could find cheaper Impact. For arround 235-245e, Stinger is 245 euro.
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I was wrong when I though that ASUS Maximus VIII Impact no LED screen for codes.
Board have on back side and for Mini ITX board that's only logic place because usually inside of case is very tight space from cables and other things and usually no window side panel.
Because of that it's much better near USB Ports...

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