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Looking for someone with i3

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1080P (or 1680x1050) Max settings no tesselation

I wanted to do some bemchmark comparisons between a i3 and a fx 8

If someone with following basic specs wants to help I'd be interested in the results.

2* 4gb 1600+ mhz or 2* 8gb 1600+
AMD 280x or 290

Free benches or games we both own.

Black hole
PC Mark
Resident Evil 6 Benchmark

Batman arkham asylum, city, origins
BioShock infinite
Metro 2033
Dirt 3
Grid 2
Final fantasy bench
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I have the pentium G3258 2 cores 2 threads, interested in comparison with that? It's overclocked at 4.8ghz and I have 2x4gb 1600 RAM and an R9 280x
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Sure we can see what programs we have in common. Pm me your Skype and we will talk.

Still interested in i3
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I don't use skype sorry, I'll post some benchmark scores if I get a chance though. For day to day stuff this little pentium is a beast I have zero issues with it, good for older games, I haven't played any multi threaded games on it though.
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What settings on the GPU? Can you post cpuz and gpuz
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No i3 users interested in how their similarly priced Intel fairs against AMD?
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GPU is stock, its Gigabyte R9 280x Windforce revision 2. http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/details.php?id=96pnq

CPU is OC'd to 4.8Ghz at 1.45v under custom water cooling (getting ready to put a TEC direct die to chill the CPU so I can have a go at 5ghz biggrin.gif) CPU-Z is crashing when I try to validate, not sure why. Here is a screenshot until I figure out the validation thing.

I can probably get a cinebench run in shortly, maybe a passmark bench as well. I already have Unigine Heaven but only done stock GPU runs. I may overclock the GPU a bit for the bench runs, although I'm ok with it at stock settings.
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I'll also run my gpu at 1100/1500 (default is 1020/1500)

Can you show cpuz and gpuz in your screen shots?


My FX 8310 and 8350 are both at 4.5 ghz and get similar results. The 280x is in the 8350 so I think I'll use that instead of the 8310 for convenience sake.

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poor little dual core suffers in Multi thread haha
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oh all these benchmarks are run at 1280x720 resolution as my PC is currently hooked up to my old TV. Don't think that affects cinebench, or does it?

Here is Passmark

Here is Heaven 4.0

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