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Hello All,

I am trying to get my cards in order as I debate buying/building a console. The build option would be for SteamOS as it is supposed to come out here in November.

Here is what I am thinking about:


Entire PC game library available for no additional cost through Steam Library
Steam Controller for 1:1 and games like City: Skylines
No online gaming fees.

Blurry player restrictions because of the crappy DRM
Not media features.

Xbox One:

Bluray player
Xbox-Pc streaming and possibly PC>Xbox streaming coming
Kinect as Universal remote(I know this has mixed reviews)
Kinect for workout games etc.
Netflix, Hulu, SlingTV, etc.
OTA TV recording
Can leverage HDMI IN for Steam Link if PC to Xbox streaming is not implemented

PC>Xbox streaming not available yet, possible gamble
Less powerful than PS4 but streaming from PC side steps this as with good inhome streaming you can have the graphics power of good PC.
Xbox gold for online gaming
Xbox remote won't allow same accuracy as Steam Controller

Playstation 4:

most powerful single system(of the consoles)
Netflix, Hulu, etc.(no SlingTV)

No PC streaming
Playstation Plus
Not many games I find interesting(personal)

Nvidia Shield Console:


Scalable system with GRID and Gamestream
Android TV(I like the UI best and can get android TV units for rest of bedrooms for unified home ecosystem)
OTA TV Recording
Netflix, Hulu, SlingTV, etc.
Android games are very "platform like"
Can use Steam Controller with it with USB adapter

GPU is not as powerful as XB1 or PS4
No Bluray


1080p at 60FPS
Steam Controller sync built in


Lease flexible of all the above.

So for my use of wanting a complete entertainment hub for gaming and media the Xbox seems best. But does anyone have anything that I am not thinking about? I have a Caselabs M8 that I am still building on to make it work as a server and gaming rig.

P.s. I don't use cable so the streaming apps are weighted pretty heavily.

So please anyone make some suggestions, I want to make as wise a purchase as possible.