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I built a custom built in pc desk with watercooling and i tested my rig inside of it befote instally custom loop and it worked. I put the water cooling loop in and when i turn the psu on, the mobo and gpu light are on, then when i click the power button, the fans flicker then nothing. The mobo and gpu lights stay on.

What ive tried:
Reapplying cpu tim
Make sure cpu Pins are ok
Reseat gpu
Replace a tube that was pushing gpu
Make sure everything is plugged in
Plug in only cpu, gpu, mobo
Check pinouts of cables (since i sleeved them)
Jump start psu, works because i used it to run pump only
Reseated mobo

My rig:
Asus z77 sabertooth
Intel I7 3770k
Evga g2 850w
Asus gtx 970 strix