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So, as the title says, I'm running the Asus R9 380 strix video card, just installed it the other night, and with two screens hooked up to the Display Port and one DVI, I had no issue using AMD catalyst control center to enable Eyefinity display and then configure DDMA to do its thing, surround sound, etc etc.

Move forward to today, I got my third display and set it up, plugged that one into the video card's HDMI slot. After tinkering around I got eyefinity set up for all three screens, okay, cool.

Wait, what? DDMA wasn't listed as an option on AMD control center anymore, what gives? Well seems I had to do a restart and it showed up again, but now it looks like this:

The little pictures aren't clickable, the next button is greyed out, it seems to have crapped out :|

Before, with two screens, they were labled '1' and '2', instead of '0'/'0'/'0', and clicking them checkmarked them and I could proceed to configuring DDMA...

Somehow in the process of adding the third display, AMD catalyst control center has become angry with me :|

Anyone seen this before?