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Need suggestions for secondary station

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Hi guys!

I'm so glad there's a subsection here for computer rooms and such.

Anyway, here's the situation, my current desktop/gaming setup is in the living room, and it's perfect. Problem is on weekends I cannot game as late as Id like to, so I need to vacate the living room at a certain time, I can't exactly take the whole setup with me each time i want to play cuz that's just ridiculous, so I was thinking I set up a new station in my room, using my Razer Blade laptop as the machine.

I already have an extra Das Keyboard that was delivered by accident, an additional 24inch monitor that I replaced with a newer one, and a Razer Mouse I use for work. So I have all the hardware and accessories all ready to go, I just need to buy a desk.

My question is, do you think I should buy a laptop docking station or should I just connect straight into the laptop and put it aside while I game? I have 0 experience with docking stations and thought maybe the simpler solution is the better one? A docking station would be nice as it cuts setup time by a lot, i simply just need to plug in 1 cable to it and im good to go, i dont know.

Any thoughts or new ideas im open to!

Thanks guys.
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How many cables do you hook up now? 3 or 4? Power, mouse, keyboard, and video, maybe audio.

A USB 3.0 dock will cut that back to one or two, but the downside is it's going to have it's own substandard video port and not be conducive to gaming because of it. When you use a USB 3.0 dock, it has a simple 2D video chipset built-in to it, and does NOT use your on-board high performance video.

If it were my house, I'd have two desktop high performance PCs, one in each room. =)

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I had no idea about the video chipset. That answers my question then, no dock.

And I agree, in an ideal world id have two desktop pcs. wink.gif

Thanks hammong!
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