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[Build-log] Bear Raid [Define S]

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Bear Raid

Working on a refresh of the build called Bear Raid, as i had some issues and things i would like to change.

Starting from page 6 http://www.overclock.net/t/1575339/project-bloodybear-define-s-build-log/50#post_25034178

And if you google Bear Raid you'll see the name is a stock marked term for fooling people to sell their stocks and causing the stocks price to drop and then you can buy them and get the reward, it is ilegal, but it fits this build as i'm trying to fool your eyes, have you noticed the radiator down tube yet biggrin.gif

- - - - - - -
Project BloodyBear

After i hit had hit several dead ends with my old modded Antec P183, problems like a cracked cpu block, bend case frame and discolored tubing... I just got fed up with it and started looking for a new case which would suit my needs for a overchilled custom watercooling loop. I didn't have to look far, the Fractal Define S was one of the first cases that came to mind when think of purpose build watercooling cases, so my choice was made easy coolsmiley02.gif

But just to give you a hint of the problems i had on with my old setup, then these pictures should be enough explanation! (Click to show)


To see more of that build you can find it here: http://www.overclock.net/t/1553040/antec-p183-case-revival-build-log

So let's get into the build, this is the parts i'll be using in this build:

The core parts:
Intel Core I7 4790K
Asus ROG Maximus VII Ranger
Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB (2x8) 1866 @ 2133 mhz (white)
Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming (bios flashed) and OC'ed to 1568 mhz and 400 mhz on the mem
EVGA Supernova G2 750w - with black 'n white cables from CableMod (might do something else to the cables)
Fractal Design Define S with window
Samsung 500 GB 850 Evo, 250 GB 840 Evo and a old WD Black 1 TB
3x Noctua F12 120 mm industrial 3000 RPM (push on the 360 rad)
1x Noctua A15 150 mm airflow fan (rear exhaust)
2x Noctua F12 pwm 1500 RPM (push on the top 240 rad)
2x Noctua S12 pwm airflow fan (pull on the 360 rad)

Watercooling parts:
EK XRes 140 Revo D5 pump/res combo (with the multi top and uni-mount)
12x EK ACF 16/10 nickel fittings
EK ZMT 16/10 black tubing Primochill 16/10mm Bloodshread Red tubing
EK Supremacy Evo Plex, but upgraded to the full-nickel CPU block
EK WF3 970 plex GPU block
EK XE 360 60mm radiator (front)
Alphacool XT45 240 45mm radiator (top)
XSPC T-fitting with a temp sensor
Ballvalve (for the drain system)
3x EK 13/10 nickel fittings (for the drain system)

Loop Layout:

For this loop i have pretty much planned the layout out, so this the watercooling loop layout i have chosen to build into my Define S, complete with temp sensor and drainage system.

Suggestions are welcome.

More to come once i get my new Fractal Define S one of the next couple of days smile.gif Also still waiting the fittings and the tubing to arrive.
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I finally got my case 2 hours ago, the package delivery men took their sweet time bringing it out - so i spent the whole day in the house only for the case to arrive at 8.30 in the evening Geee thanks mail man.... Buuut anyway the case got delivered to me (in Denmark) from Sweden in perfect condition so there is that biggrin.gif

I wasted no time getting it out of the box and during a fast and rough test fit to see if my plans would actually be possible, and they are - the Define S is really big on the inside, but throwing in my EK XE 360 with push/pull (11 cm wide) and it still has room for the pump/res combo to be mounted to radiator and still have about 2-3 cm of air between the GPU and the reservoir.

So my plan which if the one in the drawing is a go smile.gif

Here is the rough pictures i took of the test fit.

Still waiting for the fittings and tubing, and i have to ordered the 240 radiator too as i wanted to wait and see how much room there would be for it and there is plenty tongue.gif

On a side note, then i'm considering if i should order a taller reservoir, but EK an't cheap about their res. tubes, do you guys think i should spend more and get a bigger reservoir, or should i just leave it as is ?
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Originally Posted by Bear304 View Post

On a side note, then i'm considering if i should order a taller reservoir, but EK an't cheap about their res. tubes, do you guys think i should spend more and get a bigger reservoir, or should i just leave it as is ?
I am cheap so I would leave it as is and center the res. It would help air flow too.
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Originally Posted by obikenobi27 View Post

I am cheap so I would leave it as is and center the res. It would help air flow too.

The pump/res combo will be mounted to the radiator using EK's uni mount so it is already centered in the middle of the fans air flow.
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I have decided that the color of the this build will be black and have red and silver (nickel) highlights.

But in choosing red for highlights my current white Fury 2x8 GB ram sticks won't fit into the build anymore, so i have i'm thinking about taking the heatsinks of them and buying some cooler ones like these bellow, but with a black base and red fins, white would suit the ROG motherboard wink.gif

And my black 'n white CableMod cables won't either, so for those i'm thinking something about like this, but i have to do some my research on it before i'll commit to during it so this just how i would like them to be like.

I'll of cause also be be painting the Fractals PCI-E slot covers red

Oh and i could be cool hiding a red LED strip behind the motherboard to give a red glow and to match the ROG boards red LED line at the bottom left corner.

Anyway this just some of my ideas for the build wink.gif
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I ordered some fully custom modular cables (6+2 pin, 8 pin and 24 pin) from Ensourced, they'll be done up in this black/gray/red theme in paracord with combs, i also asked them to mirror the 6+2 pin so the 8 pin and 6+2 pin will have the same theme as the 24 pin wink.gif

Price you say..? don't ask !! biggrin.gif LOL there is a good reason why i'm only getting cables for the visible cables in the case, i'll use the stock black cables my EVGA Supernova G2 came with for rest, as the black cables will be over shadowed by the custom cables tongue.gif

Also ordered the ram heatsinks ... but from China so it would be a long while before i see them.


Oh and as a side note, if anyone has an idea for how their cables should look they should try this cable configure as it allows you to create a picture of the cable config you made, like i had to do when i ordered my cables at Ensourced http://choosemypc.net/sleeving/
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I got my Alphacool XT45 240 radiator today, and did a test fit of the important parts which i could have issues with. And the Define S had just enough room to house my hardware, my only real issue was/still is routing the tube comig from the 240 rad in top to the 360 rad in the front - isn't barely any room to route the tubes cleanly as fittings and tube bend radius takes up more space than i though, to combat that i have mounted the 240 rad in the mess top and not the predrilled fan holes, but it seems to work fine for the 5 of the 8 screws but the remaining 3 i'll have to drill some new mounting holes.

I'm tempted to cut the Define S's top moduvents so they fit around the installed fans, that way i avoid dust falling into the case through the top. I also have to think about cutting some of the mesh in the top under the fans away to improve their pulling force, the fans will probably be 2 of my 3 NF-F12 1500 rpm fans and not the NF-S12 fans though they would be fine on the low FPI radiator.

As for the one part of the build that have giving me the most worry, the clearance between the GPU and the pump/res combo. But it seems the case is just big enough for my plans to work out fine, as there is a good 3-4 cm between them.

And i'll have to make a 1 cm extender mount for the pump/res so i can have pull fans the inside of the 360 rad, but it's a easy and dead simple task of cutting a piece of plastic and drilling 4 holes in that, and getting some longer screws for the mount, but those are the same as the 30 cm long screws radiators come with and i have alot of those.

And here is the tight spot that caused me to rethink the mounting for the top 240 rad.


I also found some more pictures of the ram heatsinks i'm getting, just imagine those with a black base and red fins biggrin.gif

That's all for now, i'm limited until i get my fittings and fitting + coolant, that should be some time next week.
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Lookin good thumb.gif
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Originally Posted by SabbathHB View Post

Lookin good thumb.gif

Thanks smile.gif

After digging around some more on Ensourced Customs page i found a link called photos and damn.. there are some sick cable jobs in between those, found a set of cables of exactly the same theme as the ones i have ordered biggrin.gif

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I have made some more progress today.

Today i made a box fan grill for the fans outside of the case in the top out of some fine chicken mesh, and when that was done i measured up the top moduvents around where the two top outside mounted fans would be, and then cut the the are where the fans would be away with my trusty Dremel, then i installed them and this how that turned out, the moduvents around the fans will limited the amount of dust that can fall into the case, plus this might also lower the system noise abit.

The mesh will be painted, the paint is drying now

Free hand with a Dremel i went abit of track with the left moduvent, it's not easy cutting melting plastic tongue.gif

I also made a few extension plastic pieces to extent the pump/res combo further inside the case, which allows me to use two pull fans on my front 360 radiator, so here is a few pictures of how that looks inside my case, still plenty of room for the GTX 970 G1 smile.gif

I'm painting those plastic pieces as well.

And here is a picture of the whole case as it looks now.

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