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Hi guys, im setting up a secondary gaming station in my room and planning to use my Razer Blade (2015) as my machine.

I have a 24 inch Dell as my main display that i plan to hook up to the laptop but i was wondering what is the best way to connect it for a better gaming experience?

Should I go HDMI to HDMI? Or go HDMI to DVI? Or another option?

One last question, my max resolution on the Razer is 3200x1800 but the Dell has a 1920x1080 resolution, will i need to adjust the res on my laptop before hooking up or will it auto ajdust?

Much thanks! =)
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HDMI is DVI, only with an audio signal added. If the monitor has built-in speakers you want to use, HDMI will be more convenient. Otherwise it won't matter at all.

The resolution should be auto-detected. If you do mirroring so you have the same image on both screens, it'll use the lower resolution. If you use it as a second desktop, then each screen can be at a different resolution. If you have room to have both screens set up at once, extending your desktop is a better option. You can have your game on one screen and YouTube/OCN/whatever else on the other screen! thumb.gif
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Awesome, thanks for the explanation. I suppose HDMI to DVI it is.

As for the mirror/extend, i was actually planning to close the laptop while i gamed. Im not sure how this would work actually lol. When i press fn+f5 or whatever wouldnt the laptop screen turn off?

Anyway ill figure it out with a little trial and error.

Thanks a bunch m8!
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Play around in the Windows screen resolution dialog, it's fairly intuitive. You can definitely turn off the laptop's screen and only use the external one.
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