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Hi Folks,

After owning my i7 3770k for a few weeks, finally put some work into it and installed an H80i GT H2O cooler, and over the past few days, managed to get a mediocre 4.4GHz OC @ 1.205v (highest temp 81 degrees C @ load) . Pics of my settings below. Machine passes (no errors, no warnings) 24 blend test using Prime95 v28.7, build 1.

OC Guide used as reference:
Thanks to Swag! This was an amazing resource! Followed his instructions to the letter and was really easy and fairly quick to get to my maximum Multiplier and Voltages required to run it stable for 24 hours @ load. Essentially, my target was the highest stable OC I could get with my cooler set the to absolute quietest it could be.

Prime95 Settings used:
Custom Test
Number of torture test threads to run: 8
Min FFT size: 8k
Max FFT size: 4096k
Memory to use: 12500MB (roughly 90% of my available memory)
Time to run each FFT: 10Mins

I could not stabilize 4.5GHz, using Manual CPU Voltages up to 1.265v in steps of 0.005v increments. The machine would post, and I would not get any BSODs, but Prime95 would either "Stop Working" and shut down, or workers would "stop" and report errors. Also, by 1.265v I was seeing temps hit 90 degrees C @ load, and I was hoping to keep the rig running cooler than that.

1. I realize this is an older CPU, but it's all I can afford at the moment, and I was wondering if anyone could take a look at my settings and suggest any improvements that would allow me to get any further. I'm happy with 4.4GHz, but anything I can push out further than that will only make it easier for me to keep OBS running for Twitch and stream captures while playing games, all on the same rig.

2. In addition to this, I plan to tighten timings on my memory as much as I can to increase the performance I am getting from my 16GB kit. Is there a guide on this somewhere I can review to help me with how to proceed doing so?

3. I've read on a few threads, that after acheiving my desired results, I should try re-enabling settings like Multicore Enhancement, CPU Spread Spectrum, C3, C6, and C State, but opinions vary and I'm not sure who to listen to. Exactly what effect would this have on overall performance?

4. I've heard Offset can lower temps, and I understand that the calculation is VID minus Core Voltage. I also understand I should do this AFTER achieving my target Multiplier and CPU Voltage, but my question is what states do I take the readings from - Idle? Load? a combination? Do I use the results that HWMonitor reports in the "Max" column?

Sorry for the noob questions, I haven't done an OC since my i7 970, and OCing BLCK was simpler for me to wrap my head around IMHO.

Thank you kindly for your considerations and I appreciate any feedback and suggestions I can get.

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