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So I am having 2 problems, but first I will give my specs.

I7 5820k@4.5ghz
2x G1 Gaming 980 Ti's
Asus x99 Sabertooth
16gb 2400mhz Ram
850 Evo 250gb ssd
3tb Toshiba 7200 HDD
Corsair Rm1000I
H100i Gtx

Ok so the first problem is that both gpus wont go above 1152 mhz(default) in games. I have tried games such as modded skyrim and battlefield 4 and others and i dip to 130 fps in bf4 and drop to 45 in modded skyrim.

My second problem is that one of my 980 tis windforce logo on the gpu itself looks washed out. A few days ago, that 980ti got stuck in the teal color preset through the software. It magically fixed itself and i was now able to change its color again. I have both my cards' logos on purple now. However, the 980 ti that got stuck has a purple that looks tinted woth blue as oppose to the other one that is bright purple.

If you have seen this led topic recently, it is because no one answers after i answer whatever question they have.