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One of our team also mentioned the OC Trigger switch on your board. If you havn't already done so check to make sure its in the default position 1:

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Thank you Matthew for your concern. Whenever I flip that switch my computer back to default 1. The computer won't boot and gives me a led error code 04 or d4. My computer only seems to boot and run stable on OC trigger set on 2.
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D4 is usually RAM. The switch in question limits your CPU multiplier to the lowest settings. Position 1 kicks it into full gear. If you RAM isn't compatible you could get a D4 error when the multiplier is kicked up.

If possible try another kit of RAM from the approved list: http://www.gigabyte.us/products/product-page.aspx?pid=5482#memory%20support%20list

You don't even need a full kit, just try 1 stick to see if you can get it to POST.
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I currently have corsair vengeance 2400 with c12 is that not good enough ? Here is the model .
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If I need to make a replacement would these two work?
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Its not about good or bad, although Corsair is a top notch company.

I didn't see that kit on the compatibility list... That does not mean it wont work, just that we have not tested it. Do you have access to another kit, or even single stick, just to test with?

Edit: I don't ever recommend buying new stuff just for troubleshooting, although sometimes it comes down to that. Lets see if we can confirm that's the problem before you spend any $ smile.gif
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Unfortunately I do not and I am unable to test my computer at this time. Right now I am out of town on active military training and won't be able to come back to testing my computer till the 28th.
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hi Mathew this is anthony i am back home now and while i was away i had one of my computer administrator friends look at it along with others at an intel lanfest in folsom ca and had no luck figuring out whats wrong with my motherboard. I am in the process of buying a new motherboard right now and get in next weekend. once installed I want to start the RMA on this board and get a refund. If you don't mind I would like to work with you during this process.
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Refunds are issued by the place of purchase, but we should be able support you with replacing the board. Contact our RMA department to get the process started: http://rma.gigabyte.us/
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this will be the second time sending this particular motherboard and I don't want this one anymore. is there some way that i can send back and get another board thats within its specs and price range? Because at this point all's I want to do is just plug and play and not have to mess with anything ells.
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