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I already made up my mind, that I dont need the 6700K and 6600K will be enough.
Now it`s time to choose a motherboard, for the longest time I was sure to go with the ASUS Z170-A
But now I thought perhaps it would be good to try something different. previous build was with HERO VII
and it looked nice and all and wasn`t to bad but it wasnt anything special either.
So now im thinking to maybe give GIGABYTE or MSI a go, over the years I`ve had boards from both of these companies and they we`re pretty nice.
What I would like to have is as much USB ports as possible, 2x m.2 gen3 4x ports ( for whenever 950pro launches )
Probs dont ever need more then 2x PCI-E for SLI/CF and I dont want to pay more then 200€ for the board, the less the better ideally.
Oh and as the ASUS Z170-A had vga,dvi.dp,hdmi then having those on the other boards would be nice too.
And as the CPU is 6600K i obviously intend to do some overclockin. What turns me off from Gigabyte/Msi is they have so many different models to choose from it would take me a year to do research on all of them, and most are irrelevant changes rolleyes.gif
I could just go through the different boards that fit my criteria from all those companies. but perhaps someone has some insight to a board
that might be better then the competition for skylake thumb.gif
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