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Hey guys, I recently upgraded my high speed internet to xfinity and bought my own equipment as well. (Arris Sb6141, Netgear X6R8000 Router)

Problem is, I can't seem to get wifi to work on windows 8 at all. All other devices (laptops/ phones/ipad and my 4k tv work fine and at great speeds, but my desktop connection just doesn't budge, even at 5ghz its seems as though something is blocking the connection.

The worst part is, windows 7 works great! What gives?

Things Ive tried:
Messing with the power settings for wifi, going back to old broadcom wireless N drivers.
Changing wireless channel

Not sure if it is a DNS issue? tried Setting it to manually, no go.

The signal seems great, 4-5 bars always.

Interestingly I cannot connect to the 2.4ghz network at all, it just says unable to connect to network, and while I can establish a connection to the 5ghz band, i get resolving host, etc messages on chrome and it will literally take 15minutes to load yahoo.

Super stumped. Thanks in advance for the help.

I had an old ATT Modem router combo prior to this with 2.4ghz only and that worked without issues.