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I just got a APC BK400(120v version) ups from goodwill for only $5 tongue.gif (the old dead battery is a paper weight). Added a battery from my main ups and it works great. This thing supports rs-232 but I can't get that to work. I have a usb to serial adapter from my grandpa. It's a gxusb-1200. I tried many times to get it installed on my pc(windows 7). Nothing seemed to work there. I'm not too good with software or communications. The manual for the ups states which pins are for what and at what values. Like pin 4 is common and pin whatever is 40vdc for this kind of thing to shut down(may not be 100% correct). I do kinda want like a raspberry pie. Since I have the pin out maybe figure out how to control them both. Well first thing is to get the pc to see it. My pc doesn't have a serial port and I think I don't have any serial cables. Thus the adapter comes in(may try buying a different adapter). But everything thing I tried don't work. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

PS-My pc uses an APC Back ups es 650 which sits under my desk(hand built). It literally powers everything there using battery or surge side(I do everything from soldering to playing with my variac from it)biggrin.gif. The bk400 is a test. Will use it for something else in future. Just want to play with it, not like its a big deal. Just want it working fully.