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Yep, it seems VRMs are overheating on medium or extreme settings. I tried measuring the temperature with the kids' infrared thermometer. It's not the most accurate thing, but anyway I tried to get it close to the vrm heatsink and aim it at it's bottom. With any setting that causes squealing during stress testing I couldn't read anything above 40c. However with medium or extreme setting after half a minute the lowest I read was 70c in the same position. So yeah, huge temperature difference between those. I don't know what to make of it, just found it interesting and that would also explain thermal throttling.

Could the problem actually be that ASUS expected us to install low profile coolers on the CPU in mITX boards and those would blow air onto the CPU and to the side, so they would cool the vrm heatsink somewhat as well? And since I have a tower cooler, there is no direct airflow on the heatsink?
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