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Update: I did core in increments of 10 & memory of 25

Starting at core 1035 Memory 1500 Stats: FPS 24 Score 604
2: 24,3 & 612
3: 24,6 & 620
4: 24,9 & 627
5:25,2 & 636

Stats 5 i got on following settings:

Can i go higher om memory or should i stop? is it even worth going any higher? dont seem to give much back hehe

Max temp on all test were 58-59C



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I think you should still push for higher clocks on the core as you still have enough temp headroom.
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Cool, thx again and thx for the quick replys smile.gif
Ill keep u updated hehe... unless i see fire tongue.gif
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Ok so at core 1085 mem 1625 i got fps 25,7 and score 646

at 1095 mem 1650, gpu crashed

I still havent tuched the volt ( dont think i can, since it says N/A on volt)

Guess i might as well kepp it on stock hehe
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Right now the R7 370 is not supported by VBE but it is possible.

Hi the R7 370 is like the only high end AMD GPU that can be BIOS modded... It also allows quite a few hops in core clock...

For me I don't like to see 179GB/s on the memory so a couple Mhz on the ram will give a solid 180.0GB/s within minimal power draw increases.

Main thing to consider on this GPU is to leave GPU Memory at Default to give the core the voltage overhead... Or else clock the memory too high and get nothing from the core.

We want 1200Mhz core bare minimum on the R7 370 to wax the GTX 960...

Stock Memory and 1200Mhz core is easily achievable with VBE ... BIOS EDITOR

Once the clock is written in the EEPROM, all benchmarks will score accordingly...

Need help modding? No problem.

You can set a custom fan profile among many other neat things...

Other HAWAII gpu's can be modded but through extensive nightmarish hex editing...

R7 370 @ 32 ROPs @ 64 TMUs @ 1100 = 35.2 GPixel & 70.4GTexel
R7 370 @ 32 ROPs @ 64 TMUs @ 1200 = 38.4 GPixel & 76.8GTexel
1100Mhz to 1200Mhz is 9% gains in pixel peformance.
1100Mhz to 1200Mhz is 9% gains in texel performance.

R7 370 allows 1.188v which may be possible to achieve 1300Mhz, Possibly only if the ram is clocked to 160GB/s... Which gives the core an extra 50 watts for the hop from 1100Mhz to 1300Mhz...

Each increase in ram droops the voltage supplied to the core since they both require voltage, one can suck down more power than the other... So you have to balance the voltage/ clocks to get more core clock than memory clock... The card has great video ram so a drop in clock will go unnoticed, however the core increase will be noticed like night & day.

R7 370 @ 32 ROPs @ 64 TMUs @ 1300 = 41.6 GPixel & 83.2GTexel

1100Mhz to 1300Mhz is 18% gains in pixel performance.
1100Mhz to 1300Mhz is 18% gains in texel performance.
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I am trying to OC the same card but with 2GB ram. I use afterburner but i cant find the temperature limit. Can you please help me ?
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Hi dude.
Intel Core i5-6500, 4200 MHz (32 x 131)
Gigabyte GA-Z170M-D3H DDR3
Sapphire Radeon R7 370 GDDR5 256 бит 4096 МБ
Kingston 8 ГБ DDR3-1600 DDR3L SDRAM

I edited the bios of my video card. I changed the voltage to 1.200 c. I set the memory frequency to 1610 MHz and replaced the video memory timings from 1250 MHz. At 100% load the temperature reaches 79-80 ° C. Helps me set my schedule for the cooler in the BIOS in VBE7. Sorry for the bad english ....
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