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The kova is available on german amazon. Any idea if the coating is different on the white model? When mice are released in black and white, it's usually mate black or glossy white. But judging from the heavily photoshopped pictures the coating looks pretty similar on both.

What's the coating on the roccat tyon like? The color scheme and coating look identical to the kova.
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Well, since the Kiro has that icky rough coating, I might as well order the Kova now. No clue about the Tyon but I can comment on the Kova's coating when I get it and compare it to the KPM.
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Basicly a taller sensei with 3320, this is an orgasm instantly, ffs, gimme low price to try this one : V
Originally Posted by Nivity View Post

Not sure if old but they put weight, size on their page now.

Dimensions / Weight
Width 6.7cm, Height 4.0cm, Length 13.0cm, Weight 100g

And there goes this mouse for me.

It's huge. Way way way bigger then my KPM etc.
It's as long as the Rival (133mm) and that is waaay to long for me to handle comfortable.

But I guess for those that love sensei size it should be ok. Aven though this is just a tad longer.

Guess Ill wait for more info about Kiro.
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First guy to review the Kova was a bit disappointed, the mousewheel was done after 5 hours. He liked the shape and the sensor was also well received, but found the workmanship lacking.


^ a somewhat more comprehensive review.
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Thanks for the link. I almost ordered this mouse but I was worried that the main buttons might be too narrow and now the reviewer is complaining about it too...
Moving on to the FM Ambi/Fnatic Flick/Qpad dx20 hype train.
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3mm LOD without LOD control in the software? Sounds like I may give this one a pass. I thought these had 3320 in them? If so, why would the implement it without LOD control?

Also, why is it that some of the roccat mice have controls for horizontal scrolling in the software even though the mouse doesn't have a tilt wheel. Never understood that.
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Originally Posted by Longasc View Post

First guy to review the Kova was a bit disappointed, the mousewheel was done after 5 hours.
Where's the part about broken wheel? I can't find it...
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That seems like a really premature conclusion. 1 mouse doesnt mean the entire batch is bad.
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Originally Posted by CtrlAltel1te View Post

Curious about the 2d titan wheel they mention.

2D titan wheel is the shiiiiiiiiit. Seriously, amazing mousewheel. Only thing better is Logitech's freespin technology for webrowsing, but actual precision of the wheel so to speak is on par or better with Roccat.
Originally Posted by Wphantom View Post

Gimmicky af. It seems like the beats/razer style of marketing works, sadly.

Except, with the exception of their ADNS 9800 mice, they produce the highest of quality peripherals around. Definitely in the same league as Asus (recent Gladius, Strix, Sica) and Logitech (recent G303, 502) and a landslide better than other European offerings. Provided their new refresh line-up holds up quality wise in terms of optics, hate their marketing as much as you want but it doesn't change the fact that unlike Beat's and Razer, they are one of the best manufacturers and products to consider.

But that remains to be seen.
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