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Originally Posted by fonzye View Post

Hey guys,

It's time for that "big" upgrade and I want to built my new system based on your tips and suggestions.

- First - 8 GB rams DDR3
- Motherboard I7 support that overclocks and supports my current GPU.
- I think my current PSU will hold up,but I'm sceptical.

Let the tips and suggestions roll in.


Don't think! Make sure! - my 1st part of any build is to workout psu, size for present and the future , and it will be top notch, normally seasonic , for quality and a lengthy warranty . Its the heart of the system, like blood pumping round your veins thumb.gif
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Originally Posted by fido View Post

Originally Posted by huzzug View Post

Originally Posted by fido View Post

that is way overkill and not value at all :/
1- i5 6600K will suffice.
8GB DDR4 will suffice and he can always add the 2nd stick later on if his needs did grow

R9 390 is Better value than GTX 980 Ti , the 980 Ti is so overpriced .

for psu I think he can buy cheaper , there are very good quality psu for 62$ Seasonic S12II
and if he want to buy higher quality also SeaSonic 660W 80+ Platinum for 80$ still cheaper than 100$ price range of the EVGA. (SS-660XP2 )
http://pcpartpicker.com/part/xfx-power-supply-pro650wp1650snlb9 50$

I think the EVGA p2 is not good ? not sure , but at least it is not in the list.

just wait , I believe shilka will come he knows more than me in this. am no expert in psu.

1. Proof ? I suggested him that because he requested for it in his first post. Besides, If you look at his rig, you'd see he tends to ride out the system he built which was the best until the system is no longer sufficient for his need. Logically, it'd be better to go i7 rather than i5 going forward due to DX12. This is not even launched and it shows this kind of variance, and things are going to just get better.Proof
2. Again proof ? Did he send you a PM saying he would only use it for strictly gaming and nothing else ? Because I can't seem to find it.
3. Good Value, yes but not best performance. See point 1 to see why I recommended what I recommended.

What I suggested is a really good model as pointed out by ozlay.

U ℅ trident yourself again .
U talking that the OP didn't say only gaming and yet u suggest a rig based on the idea that dx12 will use more cores hhhhhhh
So u did the same u assumed that his goal is gaming !!

If we will agree his goal of this rig mainly gaming then ur link is pointless because i5 still stand best value and the link doesn't show anything about hyper threading vs no hyperthreading so it is pointless

And still stick to i5 coz i7 will be waste of money .

If he want it for gaming + other reasons let's say rendering or stuff like that then i7 6700k is stupid idea in opinion if he can afford i7 5820k same cost and perform better .
So the i7 6700k sort of silly but in my opinion right now .


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