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Unstable HDD & RAM usage

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Rig specs:
i7 4770k
WD blue 1TB
Corsair vengeance pro 8GB 1866
GTX780 classified
Gigabyte G1.sniper Z97

I get these problems in different time, mostly when gaming.

Here are my screen shots:

after closing BF4



another high usage situation during the game

launching bf4

disconnecting the game

origin download

also during BF4

Installing MS office

installing singularity

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Hi! I just came across this post and noticed there are a lot of 32 bit processes. Is the operating system 32 bit? Is the system seeing all of your RAM? It seems like you have quite a lot of programs running at once. If the system is 32 bit or doesn't see all the RAM for whatever reason, compounded with the number of running processes, then it may be running out of RAM and using the HDD for virtual memory.

As far as I understand, the licenses for Windows works for 32 and 64 bit, so if you need to upgrade you may be able to find someone with a 64 bit disk and still use your key if in fact you have a 32 bit version. I would go through all of the programs that hide themselves on the task bar and disable anything starting up with the computer unless it is absolutely critical. You may even have to take more drastic measures to ensure things aren't needlessly starting on their own.

Just a quick rant: I despise programs that have install options such as Express Install or Advanced (for experts only), then you click on advanced and find out all the extra options are malware/bloatware/needless garbage that auto starts and bogs down your computer. I really don't miss Windows at all. (/rant)

When using Firefox with a bunch of tabs open, lots of little things will eat up resources, such as anything involving Flash. I tend to bookmark things a lot to help reduce some of the need for so many tabs. Also, changing the advanced option to save and quit is a giant help! Go to about:config in the address bar, click to continue, and scroll down to browser.showQuitWarning and change to true. This allows you to save and quit when you close the browser. When you restart Firefox, by default it will only load tabs when you click on them. If you have 10 or more tabs open it is a good idea to take a couple seconds and do this to stop Firefox from hogging resources. If you start to notice slow downs or weird text issues while web surfing, this almost always has fixed the issue for me.
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Well, thank you for the information and I know most the measurements you mentioned.

So, my system is 64-bit and is sees all the 8GB of RAM.

Also, in regard to the unwanted programs which come with express install, I actually ran into different software where I had to uninstall them.

So, my program list is pretty much what I want.

Now, these days my system is quite stable ... I don't know why, and as you see in the pictures I ran into hard time where the system was using very high amount of memory.

The issue happens in different regions, there are times where the HDD goes to very high rate like %99 and 100% and that's is just crazy because this is a professional rig. It shouldn't act like this.

Because I work on normal computers and they don't use high HDD when installing a big software like windows, MS office and other big programs.

Of course most computers now where in work or in gaming rig, they use very good HDD like WD or Seagate.

So, I don't know why this happened to me.

Maybe I was under hacking !!
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I'm posting this comment to update the thread as I need to solve this problem.

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