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DDR4 keeps crashing

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So i was minding my own business killing some storm troopers, then my PC crashed.

After multiple reboot attempt, i finally managed to boot into the BIOS, just for it telling me that my OC failed.
It has been stable for 4 month now.

I reset everything to default, launch and stress test. no problem.

Go back to the bios, and change to XMP 2. crashes with error BF. Tries XMP1, crashes again. Tried manually changing the speed to 2666 or 3000. and keeps crashing.

I went back to OC the CPU alone to 4.5. no issues.
So i think it is safe to say that the CPU is not at fault. But any change to the RAM causes crashes.

The RAM is HyperX Predator 3000mhz. but now is running at 2400.

Any clues or insight?
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I would just contact Kingston tech support and get it replaced if it worked fine for so long.
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So I took the system back to the shop. And guess what. It crashed on default settings at the first boot up. And is now running perfectly. ***!
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