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Not sure on the current 6 GB plan. Tethering was free when I had my older 6 GB share everything plan. I don't know if it would throttle though only used it when my work phone would not connect to cellular. ( Wayyy out in the sticks)
I have upgraded several times, went to the 8 GB then 10 GB now currently on 12GB, and it is mainly because of my kids. (2 are still on my plan, 1 is in college) I do know that it depends on what tier plan you are on whether the tethering or mobile hotspot feature are included or not. You should be able to look at their account online under plan features to see if it's part of it or not.

With all that said, they don't throttle your speed when you hit your cap. They will charge you i think it's $15 per GB over ( I think that's what it is) But as you and others have stated, it will get stupid expensive. Looking at you 100GB plan. Also there could very well be fine print on the tether feature on how much you can use, I've never checked. I had tried at one time to use my father in law's phone to try and tether his laptop via the WiFi connection but everything I could find without actual rooting would only allow it via cellular. (His laptop had basically fried it's WiFi card, and I was trying a work around without running an ethernet wire 50' to it.)

You might also check if they offer a cellular home internet service, in your area. Would be cheaper than the 100GB mobile plan with a higher cap than the mobile plan. Depends on area though.