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Windows 10 overclocking issue

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Solved: Just had to disable Cool n' Quiet in the BIOS mad.gif

So I used to run overclocked in windows 7 no issues and now that I upgraded to windows 10 it's like I can't overclock past the default at all and my main issue is that my cpu clock drops hard on regular intervals when i do try. heres a pic of the taskmanager view running prime95 http://puu.sh/kLgjk/ae2aeb9205.png.
I'm using the AMD Phenom II X6 1055T black edition processor and my cpu temps top out at 45c running prime95 with standard bios and it seems when i try to overclock the voltage readings stay the same in cpu-z and core temp but it hits right around 50c then makes those drops on the graph and cools to about 42. even not running prime95 just watching anime u can feel the cpu just halting the video regularly. I've tried completely restarting the bios and just manually changing basic cpu clock and slight voltage and it makes no difference. I checked the windows power options and it's running at 100% I don't really know what else I can try maybe I'm just missing something.

edit: I just realized when overclocking the task manager reads 2.74GHz and cpu-z is reading 2.98GHz so there is something going on I'm going to check it with default bios real quick/

edit2: alright i got cpu-z to read my core speed at the 3.5GHz I was overclocking to and it's reading right in there but task manager still fails to read it correctly. http://puu.sh/kLhAb/1d7d990124.png vs http://puu.sh/kLhF0/2625e4bafe.png
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I had to disable cool n quite on mine because my system would lock up with windows 10. On windows 7, I never had that problem.
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