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5820k - OC Results - Do i have a good chip? Help

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Hello, i recently bought an 5820k, and im trying right now OC'ing it. Wonder if i got a good chip, cause my first impresions is that my system is slower than my older i5 2500k + Z77, boot times are indeed longer. And i dont see an upgrade in frames ingame.

Motherboard: X99-S
Cooler: Raijintek Triton
PSU: Corsair RMI 750W

This is what i got with the X99-S auto tune for OC. It tuned it to 4Ghz and vcore were jumping between 1.235 - 1.240

I've tried before 4.5 with 1.3vcore stable for 10 mins, but the temps hit 80º-82º sometimes and i got scared, turned it off.

Thanks for your opinions
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1. Put your PSU to Single rail mode in corsair link, because 750W is max peak power, and as I assume there is 2 rails for 12V, which must make maximum of around 500~600W for stable power delivery, and if there is single rail mode - you already past more than 50 percent of it's (one rail's) capacity.
2. Your Raijintek makes a pretty nice job cooling this beast, because it must be making about 50% more heat at 4.4Ghz thn stock, so 140W*1.5=210W (around this), so do not blame it or CPU.
3. Yes yes yes - more cores, are not allways the best choice, unless you are watching 4k at the same time playing a game and also making some compression/decompression tasks. 2500K is still a beast, and with your Raijintek and it's stock 95W tdp you should have made something like 4.7Ghz what is pretty enough theese days (unless you have some titan x or even few of them in sli, and there is CPU that limits fps) smile.gif
4. If in prime95 maximum heat test it stable even for 10 min, try few mods to make it stable for ~30~60 mins and this will be enough, 85*C even with 100*C Tj is ok. Tj is temp when your PC is automatically shut down by MB.
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If it flashes to the 80s I wouldn't worry. 1.3v is a lot. If it's staying above 80 average then I'd drop your oc and voltage alittle. 70-75c average is OK.
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And here I am needing 1.3V for 4.4ghz on mine.
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I have the same 5820k which [4.5GHz - 1.285v]

Idle 35 - full load 68
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I just tried 5 way optimization of ASUS, it put the clock to 4ghz 2 cores and another 4 to 4.1Ghz and as fast i opened CPU-Z, got a BSOD.

Later on, i tried 4.2Ghz - 1.1 Vcore and after 10 mins stress test got a Bsod

Ill install corsair link and check that, thanks.
Still wondering if this chip is doing fine, got 3 BSOD already (my bad?)

Will try now 4.2Ghz with 1.15 vcore
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BTW, 1.3 is not that bad:
Just maby you need better thermal dompund or etc.
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My bad, i forgot about upgrading bios, were using v1103 instead v1801, tought the mB came upgraded. will post soon with new bios results

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Isn't 1.1 lower than stock voltage? And you wonder why u are getting bsod?
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Yes 1.3 is on the highside. If you research going above 1.3 isn't even recommended for every day use.

Gold chips are doing 4.5 on >1.25.
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