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Enthoo Primo vs 900D???

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At the risk of starting a fanboy peeing contest, which would be the better choice for a build with dual-SLI 980ti's and two 480 rads? I really like the aesthetics on the Primo, but I worry about space and would really like to use my Kingpins in my upcoming build rather than having to downgrade to shorter cards...

Is there any way to fit 11" cards in the Primo with a standard reservoir? Or do I need to just go with the Corsair?
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I'm pretty sure a single card will fit without making any mods to the case, but 2nd card may need you to notch out the reservoir bracket slightly. Are you sure these cards are exactly 11" ? Looking at my measurements thread, they may actually be just slightly to long to fit with the bracket. See here under General Measurements.

If you want to mount the reservoir to the back of the case then you can just remove that res bracket on the right and have lots of room.

The Primo can fit 2x 480s quite easily as well.

If you have any more Phanteks/Primo related questions you can post in the Club, someone always has the answer in there, fairly quick thumb.gif

EDIT: looks like you already posted in Phanteks club about this before, pretty sure 11" is to long for that res bracket unless it is cut/notched out larger to allow for the cards, or removed altogether.
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