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I use Ninox Aurora since exactly a year. After I tightened the wheel, put second feet on top of the first ones and put the AM cord on it, it became a good mouse.

Sensor (incl. lift off distance), shape, grip, weight and switches are perfect on this one and my modifications improved the weaknesses, but the wheel is still poor and I need a good one. So I thought it may be time to look into what's new, after not having been around for a year. The rival 100 seemed like a good option, but I hear it has poor sensor performance and high LOD.

Is there something that comes close to what I need?

- Shape like G100/Aurora, or AM/FK
- Soft cord like AM/FK, no less
- Surface preferably sticky, like plastic, or sticky rubber (I got extremely dry skin and most modern mice slip out my hands, it cramps my hand trying to hold these mice)
- Sensor with 400 and 800 dpi steps
- Very low lift off distance, needless to say no angle snapping and acceleration
- Switches should be like Omron, the Huanos on the AM/FK are way too stiff for me
- Two thumb buttons are a must (on the left side)
- Light weight
- Ambidextrous

It seems like it is still impossible to find a simple proper mouse. Is BST bringing something new?

I was looking into the FK2 back then. So it might be the only alternative I got, despite that I don't want to deal with those stiff switches again. However, the FK2 still costs a ridiculous amount of money (nearly 80 Euro) and I don't want to pay for such an overpriced mouse.
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